April 30 2016: The Start of My Life

Recently, I’ve been incredibly unsatisfied with the way I’ve dragged my body to class, sighed loudly, tried to keep my eyes open throughout class, then sigh, and repeat. I’ve developed a foggy and tiresome routine that I’ve tried to avoid all year.

So this blog is a way to motivate me to do something productive. I’ve always had a way to channel my creativity: I had a photography phase, I’ve written for my school newspaper, I’ve played piano and watched my brothers play their musical instruments, and I’ve written stories.

But somehow, I’ve rid myself of these creative outlets. Schoolwork, tests, and reading (for assignments) have taken over my life. Not that I haven’t done anything else, (freshmen year of college has been great, although I wish I did more) I just want to get out of the slump I put myself in.

And so I want to focus on five things:

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