April 30 2016: The Start of My Life

Recently, I’ve been incredibly unsatisfied with the way I’ve dragged my body to class, sighed loudly, tried to keep my eyes open throughout class, then sigh, and repeat. I’ve developed a foggy and tiresome routine that I’ve tried to avoid all year.

So this blog is a way to motivate me to do something productive. I’ve always had a way to channel my creativity: I had a photography phase, I’ve written for my school newspaper, I’ve played piano and watched my brothers play their musical instruments, and I’ve written stories.

But somehow, I’ve rid myself of these creative outlets. Schoolwork, tests, and reading (for assignments) have taken over my life. Not that I haven’t done anything else, (freshmen year of college has been great, although I wish I did more) I just want to get out of the slump I put myself in.

And so I want to focus on five things:

1. I want to improve my health/fitness 

This is a no brainer. This is everyones New Years Resolution. For every living person who isn’t already healthy and fit- this goal has always crossed their mind. I feel like this is one reason why I physically feel lazy- because I refuse to move.

SO: my goal is to cut down on sweets, and actually exercise 30 minutes a day.

I know, I know, baby steps. For those who exercise on the regular, and want to join me on my mission to live a better life, feel free to amp up these puny goals.

2. Be more aware of the world (News/Politics/Culture)

While this sounds philosophically vague,  I simply mean I need to watch/read more of the news, and I also want to be more aware of random things. Be more cultured. Learn about politics. Read about space.

I feel like I mindlessly scroll through Facebook/instagram, and I also watch so many youtube videos, that rather than exploring content that gives me more insight about the world, I see other people learn and experience the world. I want to be able to form strong opinions about things, and the only way to do that is to have enough information or intelligence about the world.

3. Create my own style/ have killer makeup

Superficial, and once again not very original. But it’s something that i want to do. I always go on pinterest, shop online, and watch youtube videos jealous of how beautifully girls can do their makeup, or how wonderful their style is, or how put together they seem (style wise). But I never did anything about it.

I would just shrug, wish makeup looked good on me and that I had great clothes, but the only way to make my dreams a reality is to DO SOMETHING.

SO my goal is to: Start experimenting with makeup and wearing it outside. Start buying clothes I actually want instead of buying tons of cheap clothes I’ll never wear. Ah, what an expensive goal.

4. Push myself to stick with my “Creative Outlets”

I really love writing. I like writing to express my thoughts because i find it difficult to express them verbally. BUT the problem is I never seem to have a strict writing platform. I write fictional romance stories on wattpad sometimes, then I write in my journal occasionally (usually when problems arise), then I actually started a blog on blogger (and I never really kept up with it. Also, I forgot my password for that email. Whoops.) As you can see, my writing is everywhere and it’s a mess. I need something straightforward, and clean, and unfortunately, I need a little self motivation with that. Let’s see how this goes.

5. Procrastination

This is an unattainable dream that I wish to pursue: limit my procrastination. I’ve been a real criminal when it comes to this. I don’t think this needs an explanation. Basically, I want to spend less time on my phone, and less time on my bed.






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