First Year of College: The Longest Year of My Life Felt Like 30 Seconds

I can’t count how many times someone has told me to appreciate my time in college because before I blink it’ll all be gone!

I would always politely smile and nod, secretly hoping they don’t go into a longer speech about life and how quickly it goes by because I’ve heard the same sentences directed my way several times.

And it’s true, and I’ve always known that it was true. High school felt painfully slow, but after graduation it seemed like someone accidentally pressed the speed button to “x2” and my life is going by quicker than I would have ever imagined.

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First Week of May: Why Mother Nature, why?

The first week of May was definitely a rough and tough. It started out alright, my motivation was high, there were sparks of inspiration in my eyes, and I was ready to kill it. But thanks to blinding period cramp pain, and incredibly stupid decisions, I crashed and burned around, oh-say, around Wednesday.

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