First Week of May: Why Mother Nature, why?

The first week of May was definitely a rough and tough. It started out alright, my motivation was high, there were sparks of inspiration in my eyes, and I was ready to kill it. But thanks to blinding period cramp pain, and incredibly stupid decisions, I crashed and burned around, oh-say, around Wednesday.


Health & Fitness

Health- My food habits haven’t changed. I ate a banana once on Monday. Changing the way you eat is the worst, especially as a college student. I eat what I can scavenge basically. And there’s no way I can scavenge organic and wholesome food without emptying my already empty pockets. Chips and brownies it is. (I completely understand it’s my own reluctance to change preventing me from creating a healthier diet). I did stop eating after I felt full though! A real problem for me. On Friday, I downed a waffle with chocolate ice cream, a root beer float, and a caramel covered brownie with vanilla ice cream on top. So….Yeah.

Fitness- I went to the gym for 30 minutes Monday AND Tuesday! I exercised although I felt slight cramp pain! Wednesday no go I felt like Mother Nature was out to kill and I was already out on the street maimed and unable to run. Hence, the rest of the week I rested because my body felt awful (I googled sports bras and running shoes so progress?)

 Be more aware of the world (News/Politics/Culture)

I completely forgot about this up until Thursday. I forgot I should read some type of news story.

Create my own style/ have killer makeup

This is more of a long term goal. Style should probably wait until the summer. Hence, I’ll just shorten my goal to Beauty/Killer Makeup. Because I’m finally developing a skin care routine! (A very very simple basic routine for those out there who didn’t have one to begin with). I’ll create a separate post for that.

And I tried to buy makeup at target, got frustrated, and left. There’s such a thing as way to many options guys. So I reverted to online shopping and wishing.

Push myself to stick with my “Creative Outlets”

Yes guys!! I’m doing great with this one! I’m writing more, and I actually started writing poems. Music has come back into my life! I’m playing guitar again and it feels great. I’m rusty, but since I never really developed any guitar skills theres not much to rust. I’m so excited to start back up! My friend and I actually figured out how much we both like music and guitars and we promised to make songs together. Would we actually do it? I hope so!

And my other friend is trying to get me back into photography which I miss, so I’ll definitely look into it again.


HAHAHAHA. Nope. No progress. I have dug a deeper hole. Help. I blame my cramps.

I do have another goal to add though:

Create Better Relationships with those Around Me

I feel like I’ve been okay with my relationships, up until recently. Some recent events have come up that made me question how I treat people, and why I treat some people (friends, family) the way I do. Now it’s not like I’m a complete bitch to everyone! It’s more like I want to find ways to show how I appreciate my friends and family (and strangers!). This would probably be the toughest thing for me to do. Let’s see what happens though!

I want to build stronger relationships that aren’t as shallow or superficial as well. I started hanging out with friends more and talking about things other than celebrity gossip. (Don’t worry I meant more of my friends of course I have friends that talk about deeper things haha).



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