Makeup Madness: The Start of a Frustrating (Yet Exciting) Journey

I have the “watch-something-but-never-attempt-to-do-it-syndrome”. As you can tell with the title, I have a problem with makeup. There was one comment on youtube that summed up my situation pretty well:

Watching makeup tutorials is like watching a cooking show knowing that you’ll make a sandwich in the end. (or something like that)

Part of my problem is that I don’t really have makeup which I can work with. 98% of the makeup I own come from my mom’s friend who was generous enough to give me makeup so that I can look glam for prom (which was over a year ago).

So, I’m pretty sure all the makeup I have are dead and I should probably throw it all away before I break out because of it. But que sera sera, what will be will be. I won’t die right?

The purpose of my Makeup Madness posts is just to track my journey into the makeup world, and see if I can stay afloat. I do have makeup. Do I wear it outside my home? No.

Oh yeah! That’s another problem. I’m terrified to wear my makeup outside because my lack of skill makes me self conscious about how I’ll look. Which should be the opposite of what makeup should do. Makeup should give you confidence because of the way it accentuates your face, but I’m too scared.

So once again, will I survive as a weaponless coward in the tough world of makeup? Stay tuned.


My Makeup Stash: 



Okay, so it may seem like I have a lot of eyeshadows. Unfortunately, the bulk of my eyeshadows (32 piece elf palette) have little pigmentation. I have darker lids so it’s difficult for the eyeshadow to show up at all. I don’t really mess around with the Rimmel London palette, but after swatching it again, I actually really like the two side colors so I’ll keep it. As for the esteem lauder eyeshadows, one color is a really silky white color that is probably a base or a highlighter (guys that white color is so silky it’s unreal! it feels like butter!!) and the other color is a dark brown which is nice for the ends of my eyes.


Now my favorite out of all the eyeshadows is my lancome eyeshadows. The colors are so pigmented and the color range is brow and golds! The downside to it is that it’s really sparkly and glittery so I can’t be subtle with the eye colors if I ever wear it outside.


My prized Lancome eyeshadows that never see the sun.

To apply the eyeshadows I just use my finger or the little sample sponge applicators I stole from sephora. (shhh don’t tell on me!) I know absolutely no youtube that uses sponge applicators but they’re so much easier for me since I don’t have the eye brushes. I’m also pretty aggressive with my dark lids and I tend to press the eyeshadows onto my eyes pretty hard which is something I don’t think I can do with brushes. Ahh the perks of cheap eyeshadows. Brushing them onto your eyes to get a bit of pigment.


As for mascara, I bought the Great Lash mascara from Maybelline. To be completely honest, I bought it because it was so cheap, but it’s pretty “eh”. It get on my eyelids at times and my mom used it and it got on her eyelids as well. I hear great things about it in reviews but I don’t think I’ll be buying it again. I’ll definitely try maybellines other mascaras though.

My eyelash curler is from elf and it was one dollar. Once again, not too impressed. It’s decent, but it doesn’t curl my lashes right and it just feels cheap overall.

And as a side note, there’s no eyeliner at all in my stash. Well there is, but none of them I like very much. Next mission is to find eyeliner that I like, because all of the eyeliner I put transfer onto my botton lid. it’s just the way my lids are, which sucks. Liquid eyeliner is probably my best bet. I do want metallic liners since they look so cool. I want rose gold ones from colourpop!

To sum everything up in the eyes category:

  • Replace old non pigmented eyeshadows with one nice drugstore palette.
  • Buy eye primer
  • Get better mascara
  • Buy another eyelash curler



I have a pretty simple eyebrow routine. Thank goodness I was born with an average amount of eyebrow hair so I don’t have to work hard to get eyebrows to appear, and thank goodness I don’t have too much eyebrow so that I don’t have to go through the pain of plucking too much hair.

This  of course does not mean I have great eyebrows. (sad truth)

This is the one part of my routine that I actually do regularly.

I use an eyebrow brush and an eyebrow pencil I bought at Daiso (Japanese version of 99cents store). Unfortunately, my little brother got curious and broke the eyebrow pencil that was attached to my brush and now I use an eyeliner that I also got at Daiso.

I don’t recommend using eyeliner for your eyebrows because it’s just way to heavy. But since the eyeliner at Daiso was so light that I couldn’t use it for my eyes, I used it for my eyebrows instead.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with my eyebrow routine. I don’t think I’m going to change it anytime soon.




Okay, I don’t have anything for my face. I’ll just put that out there. No foundation, no concealer, no bronzer. Nada.

I wish I can say it’s because my skin is great enough on it’s own. Nope. More like I’m too lazy to find shades that’ll fit me. And to wear that outside. Oh boy. Not gonna happen anytime soon. My fear of looking like a clown and scaring children is still prominent in my mind.

So what do I have?

Highlighter. Nya’s powder illuminator to be exact.

I think I was on the highlighter boat ever since I played with my toy makeup sets back when I was 9.

I loooooved the dewy look models had on their face. Where their cheeks made them look like golden goddesses that glowed in the light.

Once again, the only reason I have a highlighter is because of my mom’s friend. Funny story, I actually used this on prom night thinking it was a blush. Thank goodness it does have a pink hue to it, but damn. No wonder I was so shiny in pictures.

Overall, I do like Nyx’s illuminator, but I definitely want to try other highlighters out there. Sigh. One day I’ll be able to try all of the high brand highlighters youtubers rave about.



  • buy foundation, or BB cream, (heck let’s go even more basic and start with tinted moisturizer).
  • buy concealer. It’s time to cleverly hide my dark under eyes.
  • buy blush. I’m just so afraid it’ll look cheap or cheesy on me.
  • buy more highlighters!



Oh lips. How I love lip colors. The sucky thing is, my lips have incredibly fine lines so lipsticks, especially matte, look kind of gross on me. So what do I do? I buy three matte lipsticks to start with of course!

I don’t know why I do this to myself.

I bought maybellines color matte lipstick because a person on instagram recommended them. I also got on the colourpop train because the packaging and price were just so unbelievably tempting I had to.

Plus, you can never ever go wrong with Burt’s Bees. Ever.

Oh and of course there’s got to be a random lipstick thrown in the pile. Yup, it’s from my mom’s friend.



Yeah I need to work on consistent lighting with my photos whoops.

Anyway, I love lip colors, but once again I’m so afraid to wear them outside. I’ll try my best. Putting it all together on a blog makes it look less threatening. The colors aren’t too bad in picture format.


  • Buy glosses and lip tints rather than matte lipsticks!
  • Go wild


I want to mess around with makeup, buy makeup, but most of all, gain more confidence to actually wear it outside!! The reason why I’m so terrified is the constant reminder and warnings from my family members that  makeup messes with your face, girls look best without makeup, makeup ages you etc etc.

Literally I’ve heard so many negative things surrounding makeup, I was terrified to even wear it in the house while I mess around with it.

Sigh, honestly it would be so much easier if I just don’t even try to wear makeup. But where’s the fun in that?


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