College Chronicles: Anticipating University Fees, the Apartment Move, & Sophomore Year

School is starting in less than a month, and the whirlwind of panic filled thoughts have successfully invaded my gentle summer environment. Step away stress, can’t you see I’m busy ignoring my responsibilities?

After one snapchat message my friend sent me regarding financial aid and school insurance, my only thought was:

“Oh shit financial aid.”

Then a resounding:

“OH shit the insurance.”

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Skincare Stories: How the F*ck do you Create a Skincare Routine?

I had the most fantastic skin from my birth to the end of my sophomore year of high school. All I did was wash it with Dove soap, put a little moisturizer, and bam! Baby smooth, pure as a babies bottom, supple skin. I gloated at the fact that I had a two-step routine that didn’t include any fancy cleansers and people still complimented me on my skin.

And then the summer before Junior year killed my face. I murdered it with my own lazy ass.

And this isn’t a post to help you with skincare, this is a post that will follow my confused skincare journey.

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Beauty/DIY/Life Youtubers (with under 1 mil subs) You Need to Check Out

Now I love finding new youtubers. I love finding people who I connect with, and I love binge watching youtube videos whenever I have free time. I’m not as well versed in the youtube universe as other fantastic people my age (the number of subscriptions my friend has absolutely blows my mind), but here are a few “undiscovered” ┬ábeauty/DIY youtubers you need to check out!

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Dear Kae: A Letter to My Middle School Self


Middle school is one of those things where everyone knows about it,┬ábut we never really want to bring it up since it’s just kind of there and better if we left it alone. Well, I honestly would have never thought of writing this letter. The only reason why I’m reaching so far back into my middle school days is because my younger brother has been asking for “middle school advice”.

And so, here I am ready to talk to my middle school self about self-love, confidence, and ambition.

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Dear Kae: A Letter to My Freshman Year Self


I’ve tried writing a “10 tips for your Freshman year of College” type article three times now. Each time I felt like I was regurgitating what I read the year prior. “Make sure to bring these to the dorms!” “Do this!” “Do that!”. I felt like I was summarizing everything I found on the internet.

Now don’t get me wrong, this letter is probably just another way of listing my “10 tips” for the freshmen out there. But this way, I get to do it in a more personal matter. This is because every year, right after I finish a school year, I tend to write myself a letter. As a form of encouragement, or reflection, I don’t really know, but it always felt like some type of catharsis. I realized that I haven’t done that for this year, so well.

And without further ado, here is the letter to myself:

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