K-drama Oh My Ghostess: How I Fell in Love with Park Boyoung & the Last Half of the Series


Usually, there are times in a k-drama where I find it to be kind of “meh” near the end, but surprisingly, I experienced the reverse of this with “Oh My Ghostess”. The last half of the series hooked me in more so than the beginning.

Oh yeah, and I discovered that I absolutely love Park Boyoung so that’s a plus.

WARNING: May have spoilers plus I don’t really watch kdramas often, which means this will be more of a draggy babble rather than organized thoughts about it! sorry!

***quick thoughts on viki***

Well, I watched the drama on viki, a drama site that I’ve never used before. There are little comments that popped up on the top left hand side of the screen and they bothered me so much at first! Then I found out that I can turn them off, but whenever the parts were super cute or weird I turned them back on because I wanted to freak out with the rest of the viewers. It felt nice to have a little fangirl club right there with you as the scenes progressed.

I hate the ads, but of course the site needs its income. (come on viki spice up the ad selection a little)

Thoughts on episodes 1-5:

Onto the actual drama itself, I found episodes 1-5 to be kind of slow. Which is ridiculous because I am all for character development and building up the relationship. Does anyone else get frustrated when the main characters fall for each other and have a relationship after like 2 episodes? I do, because I love watching the little moments characters have that make them attracted to each other.

Unfortunately in the beginning of the drama, where the ghost (Soon Ae) takes over the main girl’s (Bong Seon) body, it felt like they dragged it on a bit. I know it’s to show the ghosts backstory and to really put a distinction between the two characters, but they should’ve pushed the ghost out of Bong Seon’s body at least waaaay back in episode 3.

I was just so hungry for that interaction between Bong Seon and Soon Ae, and I thought that the switching between the two characters would be more frequent, which would lead to the “amusing” entertaining part of the drama.

It just makes me feel uncomfortable that the ghost has more screen time than Bong Seon herself. But, it may be just because it’s the beginning episodes.

Also, the comments on viki just lash out on the real Bong Seon for being “boring, dull, weak”. There was even a comment that said “what’s so great about being shy??”.

I smacked my face so hard. As someone who is shy, and was one very painfully shy, you don’t choose to be shy! It’s not a facade where you choose to be socially awkward so you look “cute”. It sucks ass. I related to Bong Seon so much, that I rooted for her right in the beginning.

A majority of the viewers say they like the ghost better because she’s more entertaining, but hell I’m craving Bong Seon’s character development so much. I need her to gain confidence and to stand her own ground. There’s nothing wrong with being shy, but there has to be a middle ground where yes you might be nervous while talking to people, but you need to be able to defend yourself and put your foot down in certain situations.

And of course the chef! Yadda yadda, he’s cute, handsome, etc. etc. I really like how gentle he is with Bong Seon, and how you can slowly see his character development as well. It really showed when he let the sous chef have his job back and treated his crew for dinner and drinks after. It’s different from what you usually see with him in the kitchen.

He’s also not too cold. In korean drama’s, sometimes I find the main guy a little too cold and stern (She Was Pretty anyone?). He’s silly, and he does care in secret. A bit stereotypical, but then again it is a korean drama so.

As for the other characters, they’re so cute. I love the kitchen crew because they all act like Bong Seon’s older brothers. The atmosphere is just so welcoming and relaxed in the kitchen when they’re with each other.

And a tear for (the ghost) Soon Ae’s father because (oh my heart) he just misses her so much. And her brother reminds me of some of my other relatives which is awful.

Ahhh, the policeman plot. So twisted. I really want to see what’s going to happen, although I think I know since my friend watched this drama before me and would randomly rant about it.

Damn there are so many other subplots I forgot about:

  • the cooking show/broadcasting
  • The chef/sunshine
  • the chef & his friend
  • the mom and the spiritual lady
  • the sister & the policeman/ why no baby?
  • the ghost and her death
  • cordon (i swear he might play a bigger role idk).

“Episode 9: I just had to highlight this episode because it was one of the best episodes in the drama so far!

Episode 12: is what i wanted the whole drama to be like smh i love ep 12 so much. It literally crammed all of Bong Seon’s character development into one episode its almost frustrating but i craved it so much id not care.  I don’t even feel bad or anything for Soon ae not being able to be with chef. bong seon jus t too cutup omgfmgmf.

dAMN ep 13 so good why is it three am smh”

Haha the statements above were quickly made while I watched the drama. Basically I watched the drama at first, and kept watching it because I was waiting for it to become a little better. Once episode 9 hit, I just couldn’t stop watching. Or more so Episode 12 really.

The later episodes were when Bong Seon finally had more screen time, and where the mystery of Soon Ae’s death were focused on. There’s so much development within the last few episodes I really wished that they cut episodes 3-8 and just expanded on Soon Ae’s death mystery and Bong Seon’s character development.

Of course the episodes were there to focus on the possession scenes, but I don’t like how the focus of the drama was Soon Ae experiencing “love”. Not that I’m cold hearted, but I think it would’ve been better if she realized that her grudge was because of the murder earlier? I don’t know how to state this, basically I didn’t like the weird love happening between chef and soon ae, because i didn’t feel butterflies or anything since my mentality is just “oh it’s just soon ae in bong seon whatever its not like they can be a real couple”.

It just didn’t sit right with me. I feel like I expected the main character to be Bong Seon, but it was actually Soon Ae.

But to each their own though!

What I really fell in love with:

The characters!! And the last episode! Some people were iffy about the last episode, but oh my goosh I loved episode 16. Everything just felt right. I don’t know, I felt like it was a very satisfying episode.

And I loved the characters so much, and the chemistry between Na Bong Seon & chef, that I stalked the actors themselves.

I love the actress for Na Bong Seon, Park Boyoung, so I youtubed some of her guest appearances on variety shows and she’s just so cute! I feel like she’s not as famous in korea? But every variety show (running man, 2 days 1 night) they absolutely loved her so idk? I wish I knew how famous actors and this drama are in korea. I’m just curious.

Fun Facts:

  • Boyoung sang a song for the drama OST “Leave” or “Leaving”. Ahhh, such a nice song it’s been stuck in my head for a couple day snow.
  • The actor who played chef (Jo jung-suk) said he found it hard to film with Boyoung because she was so cute! He couldn’t stop smiling. (my fave fact)
  • She still finds the guy who played the killer in “oh my ghostess” kind of scary. She gets chills overtime he smiles even though she knows he’s a good guy. Oh boyoung you gentle child.

Ugh, I want to watch all of her movies, and I wish she has many more dramas to come! I’m way too invested now haha.

I even stalked Jo Jungsuk, apparently he was in a drama with IU? I only know of IU because my friend had a giant poster of her on her wall. I watched a couple clips, man jungsuk can really bring the chemistry with anyone he’s paired with! (but i still like him better as chef with bong soon because I’m ridiculously biased and stubborn)


The beginning of this drama was a little to draggy for me, but I loved the characters and the last half of the series so much it doesn’t matter. The balance between the two actresses are off (needed more bong seon!) but this has been addressed so much with many reviews so it needs no explanation. It was just so fun to see everyones little antics that I recommend it if you want something super cute! Oh, some people found the ending to be a little too heavy and dark (the death/murder parts of the mystery), but I’m so used to those type of plots I didn’t even flinch really. Although the handful of ghosts and the evil spirit creeped me out so much because I never knew when they were going to pop up! And what kind of rom com type drama adds such scary ghosts?? Good drama, plot and pace  are questionable at times, but ahhh such great characters it would be a shame to miss out on them.




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