Skincare Stories: How the F*ck do you Create a Skincare Routine?

I had the most fantastic skin from my birth to the end of my sophomore year of high school. All I did was wash it with Dove soap, put a little moisturizer, and bam! Baby smooth, pure as a babies bottom, supple skin. I gloated at the fact that I had a two-step routine that didn’t include any fancy cleansers and people still complimented me on my skin.

And then the summer before Junior year killed my face. I murdered it with my own lazy ass.

And this isn’t a post to help you with skincare, this is a post that will follow my confused skincare journey.

“I guess I don’t need to wash it tonight.”

“Eh, it’s 1pm, it’s too late to wash it in the morning. Whatever I’ll wash it later.”

I ate terribly, I missed out on washing my face, I slept at 4 am and woke up at 1pm, and I was an utter disgusting mess. High school am I right? Oh 15 year old kae, you fool.

So now, after a couple years of the good ol’ soap method, my skin hasn’t really improved. It’s at this constant level of eh… where it’s dry and I have blemishes on my forehead that never seem to leave. So I decided college is probably the time where a good routine is necessary.

And so the first time I ever used a cleanser in my life was around April or May of 2016. I used the Cetaphil gentle cleanser, and I still use it now. Unfortunately, while it did clear it up a bit, I have subclinical acne that just doesn’t want to leave.

Blemishes, I know you love my face, and I get that it’s natural for you to visit every once in a while, but I need some space!

And so this is basically the start of finding a skincare routine that will work with my skin.

I feel like I may have combination skin since my forehead tends to be a bit oily compared to the rest of my face. (Honestly, I don’t know how to pick a skin type. Is it sensitive? I don’t know. I need a skincare for dummies book. Someone please send it over).


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for All Skin Types

This really did help my skin, but I think it’s because its the first cleanser I’ve ever used so of course it would help me some. It’s literally a slimy goop that resembles snail mucus. It has no smell, it’s ridiculously gentle, and my face does feel softer after using it. I emphasize the GENTLE skin cleanser, since the DAILY skin cleanser is different. The daily cleanser has a smell and I believe it foams up.

But my forehead blemishes won’t leave! Now it might be because of my diet and sleep habits, so I’ll try to change that before leaving cetaphil.

Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer sp 15 Sensitive Skin

This product is okay. This one has spf 15, and I used the moisturizer with spf 30 before, which is a thicker formula. I like how the spf 15 is a thinner formula since it’s easier to spread on my face, but it also feels a little greasy after a couple hours compared to the one with spf 30. I’m tempted to buy one of those really big tubs of cerave or cetaphil moisturizers since the olay ones are fine, but I just don’t feel anything special with it. Might as well just use a big tub of cerave.

I know, I know, can you even call this a routine? I basically just use cetaphil, then put on the moisturizer, and then the exact same thing for night.


Now I do try my best to exfoliate weekly. I don’t buy exfoliaters, I just use coconut oil mixed with brown sugar and gently scrub my dead skin away. Does this work? I felt like it really did at first, but now I’m not so sure. I think this is great, but I’m craving a really deep clean I just can’t get with my coconut and sugar combination.

So I bought St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub. The verdict?


I’m torn with this scrub. When I used it, I scrubbed way to hard which is entirely my fault. But the scrub itself kind of scares me since it says it’s a deep exfoliate and it has acne medication in the front. I don’t think I need something too strong, yes my forehead is a mess, but they’re only small bumps. Not full on acne I believe. I feel like I just broke out even more with the scrub, but I don’t know if it’s the scrubs fault or mine.

So it feels harsh, and people on the internet say it’s harsh. I’ll use it one more time, and see how it goes. I’ll be more gentle, and use less. But I definitely won’t be using it every single day like it suggests on the bottle. More like once a week.

Sheet masks/Peel Masks:

I’ve only used a couple unknown store brand sheet masks and peels. None of which I liked too much.

1. ONE relaxing cucumber sheet mask

Okay so this was a sheet mask from the brand ONE, most likely from cvs, that I didn’t particularly enjoy. It was meant for relaxation. The first few minutes were okay, but I just didn’t like it. I can’t find the picture or exact name for it, but it was the cucumber relaxation one.

2. Que Bella Pomegranate Peel Off Mask


Okay, so unexpectedly, I really liked the end result of this mask. My skin felt smoother, and I felt like I had less blemishes. It’s not a huge difference, but it definitely looked a bit better afterwards. The next morning my skin look a little smoother too! Plus it makes your skin softer. The mask doesn’t hurt when you peel it off either. The only thing that completely killed it for me, was that for some reason the mask strongly smelled like chemicals. There was no denying the chemical smell! But it might have been because of my batch, but honestly, I couldn’t stomach it. Not going to buy again.

TIP: for peel off masks, DO NOT spread a super thick goop layer. It took my mask almost an hour to dry because I never used one before and put a really thick layer. A thin layer is better!

3. Daiso Beauty Treats Cucumber Peel Off Mask


I love daiso. I do not love this. This mask hurt. It hurt a lot. I think that’s enough of a warning to not buy this mask. This made my skin softer, but other than that, I can’t think of any benefits. There are seven million other ways to get softer skin, but this isn’t one of them. But, there are other masks in daiso, sheet masks that people like so I’ll try those instead. I just had such a good experience with the que bella face mask (besides that awful smell), that I thought face peel masks might work. I think I’ll stay away from peel masks for a while.

Causes for Blemishes/Acne:

Usual not Healthy Routine

Yes, I’m very guilty of eating terribly, and not exercising, plus not enough water this summer. Amazingly, I think I did better while I was in college compared to being at home. I actually went to the gym during the school year guys. Of course I’ll try to change this, but I think my skin is being really stubborn on my forehead, near my nose, and chin. My cheeks are so smooth but everything else has problems!


Okay, so I’ve been suspicious of my shampoo recently. My forehead and temples are the main problems of my face, and one of the possible culprits might be my pantene proV shampoo. I recently switched over to Dove and I want to see if there is a difference.

What I’m going to try next:

Clay masks

I really want to try one of those green clay masks. Probably the Queen Helene Mint Julep Face Mask. Although once again I’ve heard mixed reviews on it. Some say it burns/stings because of the mint which I don’t want to experience even if it’s a part of the mask, but others say it successfully dries out/clears the skin.

If not, I really want to try a charcoal based mask because of the little bumps all over my forehead, I just have a feeling the charcoal might help bring out any impurities. Maybe the Freeman charcoal & scrub mask. But it’s not really clay based so I’m hesitant. Or the Garnier Charcoal 2 in 1 mask. There are so many! I also want to buy the Origins Charcoal mask, but I’m a college student without a job right now so I might have to wait on that.


I might switch cleansers. I feel like I should stick with the cetaphil until my large tub my mom gave me runs out. As I said, I want to try aveeno clear complexion, but maybe the clean & clear essentials one as well.


Well guys, this is the start of me digging into a skin routine. I really hope I find something, but from the research I gathered  from the internet, it’s one hell of a trial and error journey. And also a pricey journey. But I’m willing to go for it, because I am so tired of my skin.

It’s a little discouraging at times, because I honestly thought my skin was doing better but somehow it broke out again and now it’s even worse. It might be because of the scrub, or my shampoo, I don’t know. I need patience honestly. Wish me luck guys, and help a sister out if you have suggestions!

Any tips for a skincare beginner like me? Do any of you have the same “bumps” problem on your forehead or skin? 





4 thoughts on “Skincare Stories: How the F*ck do you Create a Skincare Routine?

  1. Ekatemmy says:

    Hi there, not sure if this is still an issue for you. But I want to share something that really helped my skin when I was your age. I used to make a face mask out of a half cup of oatmeal with 1 teaspoon baking soda, and mix with water to a nice paste and put that on my face and leaves for 10 minutes. When you wash it off the oatmeal will gently exfoliate your skin, the baking soda is really good for cleaning the pores and the oatmeal itself is calming and softening for the skin. Maybe this with help you, it certainly helped me.

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