Health & Fitness 2k16: I didn’t get the Freshmen 15 but I did get Prediabetes

I honestly thought I was pretty healthy during my stay in the dorms, but looking back I can clearly see what I did wrong. So here I am with a simple workout routine & diet for those who just can’t seem to get off the darn couch.

Okay, so for those of you who don’t care much for the background story of my terrible college habits & my awful health routine, there’s a big bold “simple workout routine” for you (just scroll a bit!).


College in terms of eating food was tough for me. Every single day that I ate I knew it wasn’t what my body wanted because I was craving my mom’s cooking so badly, and more specifically I was craving vegetables & fruit.

Luckily our dining commons is pretty decent compared to other schools (my friend from another school said one of her baked potatoes had a screw screwed into it. A screw guys.). There were options to eat healthy since we had a salad bar and there were always boiled vegetables on the side.

But I just didn’t choose based on health, I chose based on taste. My excuse was, the veggies & fruit weren’t the types that I wanted. Which is true, because how can you just eat boiled veggies?

So I ate a crap ton of carbs like shovels of rice & bread, a crap ton of ice cream/sweets/brownies/cookies, a hell of a lot of starbucks/coffee, and juice/smoothies (I never drink juice though!), and nutella. Nutella sprinkled with banana because I swear my fruit drowned in nutella.

Yeah, I’m surprised I didn’t gain 15 pounds. I only gained less than 5 for the entire school year.

This was a recipe for disaster that I just did not see coming. I know some of you are yelling “how can you not see this is bad for you??”, but I’m just naturally thin that I would have never thought I would actually be able to be pre diabetic. This sounds ignorant I know, but I would always joke about diabetes in a cup every time I shoveled ice cream into my mouth.

Turns out life was sending me warning signs and I ignored them.

So friends, in college or not, here’s what not to do:

1.Don’t Skip Meals (as much)

Just don’t skip breakfast. Don’t be starving until lunch then eating as much as you can and feeling disgusting afterwards. Don’t skip lunch and wait until dinner because your too lazy to get lunch. Don’t skip dinner because you don’t feel hungry. GUYS DON’T SKIP MEALS. Apparently this causes huge spikes in blood glucose levels.

I always skipped breakfast because I had morning classes, then I would eat a house full of food during lunch. I tried to eat cereal beforehand but sleep was on the top of my priority list. If it’s hard because of morning classes or you’re just not used to eating breakfast, start small!

Get a yogurt cup and a granola bar ready. A banana and yogurt. A piece of bread and fruit. Something! Don’t leave your house without fueling your body! Hell, just ready it the night before, leave that fruit and granola bar on your counter. 

If you’re starving and always binge eating at one meal, that’s terrible. Please don’t get yourself to the point where you’re “super super hungry”. I remember telling my roommate I’m starving every day after class because I didn’t eat breakfast. Ugh, if I knew I would get pre diabetes, I would wake up 2 hours earlier than usual if I had to just to eat a healthy breakfast.

2. Don’t Eat Carelessly

Basically, watch what you eat, and think about what you eat! No brainer right? I always knew this was a thing, and I never took it seriously. My roommate would be very conscious of how much sugar she takes in a day, and I would just scoff and shrug eating my third ice cream cone. I would always think, how bad is one extra ice cream cone anyway? It’s not like I’m overeating.

Terrible. Please, even though it seems silly, or not as important, watch what you eat! If you feel full, stop eating! Think before you pick up food/ prepare food. Will pizza and a burrito with a waffle really make you feel good? Or how about a burger then pasta with ice cream? Guys I’m not even exaggerating this is how I ate at school because it was a buffet style. Curse you buffet style for endless options of food.

I never felt like I was overeating, but I never really chose the right kinds of foods to eat. Unfortunately, because of my small size, it just never clicked that I  might be eating too much or eating badly.

And by god, the worst thing of all: I love white rice, and white bread.

I can eat white rice 3 times a day and bread like twice a day. Carb overload. Especially when I don’t exercise? Oh my god it’s a recipe for disaster. DONT EAT THAT MUCH CARBS UNLESS YOU WORKOUT LIKE AN OLYMPIC ATHLETE. I’m exaggerating but just watch your carb intake. Especially refined white carbs. No good. Now since I’m prediabetic, I don’t even eat white rice or white bread regularly anymore. Sigh, goodbye my loves.

3. Don’t Drink too Much Sweet Drinks

I was literally the queen of this rule.

I never drank juice because my mom never bought juice, and I never drank energy drinks or soda or even starbucks coffee. And I kept up with this rule pretty well during college, until halfway through the year after watching my roommates guzzle juice and coffee- I gave in.

I was like, what’s one cup of juice going to do to my body? And it turned into a regular habit.

Now some of you might be regular juice/soda drinkers, so this might be hard. But honestly just DON’T BUY sweet drinks other than water! I also drink milk, but that shouldn’t damage your body in any way. (Unless you have like 3 cups a day like me…).

Make water your best friend. You’ll learn to love it. I’m back on track-thank god-to my non juice life.

As for the other drink- alcohol- don’t drink too much of that either. I’m not the partying type, I’m more of the lame person who has never gone to a party type & goes on youtube every weekend type, but I know to limit alcoholic beverages. Please.

4. Don’t Skip Exercising. Ever.

I don’t know why this was so hard for me. I see my peers heading over to the gym to workout or play badminton daily, but I never jumped on the bandwagon. And by never skipping, I don’t mean have a heavy workout routine that you do daily and never skip.

I mean every single day do something for like 30 minutes. This is so repetitive but I’m serious. It was so easy for me to just lay in my dorm room versus taking a walk or jog outside.

Guys, I’m serious walk or something. Like everyday. Please. I had a beautiful garden like thing on my campus and I never walked around it.

Think of it as a break time from school/people. Or hell walk with a friend. Just don’t sit forever like I did.

And don’t give me crap about “not having time”. I know you’re on your phone doing nothing for at least 30 minutes a day. (I know it’s more so squeeze in that 30 minutes you’re not gonna die).

And if you can, then go to the gym! Some schools provide it for free so just use it!



I started off super simple guys since I’ve been a lump. This is just for inspiration, you can definitely create your own based on this! Also I realized youtube videos are everything. There are A TON of fitness things you can look up on youtube!

1. 5-minute Stretches

This is just to warm up my body. I had a couple beginner dance classes so I’m more comfortable watching dance warmup stretches.

2. Easy Cardio Warm Up

This is just to get your blood pumping. Since I’m weak this gets me a little tired, but honestly nothing too bad.

3. Cardio!

I am fortunate enough to have a treadmill at home, so I walk 5 minutes, jog 10 minutes, fast-walk 5 min, then for the rest of the 10 minutes I jog & walk. So it’s 30 minutes on the treadmill, but nothing too harsh. Although I’m not kidding the jogging 10 minutes is TOUGH on me.

I also stretch after, no video, just whatever I learned in P.E. years ago.

4. EASY Arm/Ab Exercises

I usually don’t do both on the same day. For arms, I use this one youtube video I really like since it’s easy to follow. If you never work out your arms, this is going to be a good one to start with.

And for some reason, it gets more difficult for me as time passes, but I can definitely see slight results. This won’t burn off fat unless you do it everyday, and it won’t be drastic. It’s there just to slightly tone you  up a bit!

If this is too easy I highly suggest you check out her other videos which are tougher.



I haven’t followed a video for abs yet since I don’t think I’m ready. I just do 2 sets of 30 crunches, then like 30 reps of that weird bicycle in the air move that helps your abs. I will say I’ve gotten a little slimmer in the tummy, but I definitely don’t have abs since I’m so sporadic with working out.


  • I severely cut down my carb intake. My doctor suggested I lower my carb intake, and any juices/ sweets. More veggies & fiber!! So I don’t eat white rice anymore, and I don’t eat white bread anymore. Only if we’re eating out and its the only option. Hell, even my pasta’s whole grain. So I definitely still eat carbs in the form of quinoa as my rice, whole grain bread rather than whole wheat bread, and whole grain pasta. The change felt hard on my body. Since I LOVE white rice, it wasn’t the taste that was different, but the amount I ate.

I always ate a shit ton of white rice. I love white rice. It made me feel so full and content and happy with life. So when I changed to quinoa, I was always so fucking hungry. Like nothing could compensate for my carb loss. I wanted to eat everything it was ridiculous. So I chewed on carrots with hummus, fruits, nuts. And eventually my appetite went down since I’m used to the whole quinoa thing.

My workouts aren’t extreme enough for me to have to bulk up in carbs so I think I’m fine. Especially since my workouts aren’t consistent. I think I’ll only start to eat more carbs if I workout continuously.

  • I also cut down on red meat. I was already trying this the beginning of summer so it wasn’t too hard on me after my doctor said I have pre diabetes. I’m trying to completely cut it out. I’m lessening my intake (sometimes I would bite down on a few pieces of pork or sausage), but I think I’m at the point where I’m not eating it at all. I even turned down an in-n-out burger guys. I’m changing! My friend didn’t believe me when I said I’m gonna stop eating red meat, since I was notorious for loving barbecue lolol.
  • I love chicken so much. I can’t cut down meat in general because I’m just not interested in becoming vegetarian at all. So my go to is chicken. I’m realizing I have to cut down a chicken and mix some fish in my diet because I eat chicken literally every single day and that’s not healthy either in my opinion. Chicken and fish it is! Plus, ground turkey rather than ground beef. A great alternative to a lot of things is turkey. Turkey bacon, turkey sausages, but obviously don’t expect it to have the same texture as meat. Or taste for that matter.
  • Fruits, but not too much fruits. Basically no idea what this means. Since fruits are sweet, I can’t eat a whole bunch. Just limit yourself to a cup or two probably. I love fruits so much. I’m hoping since I’m not big on ice cream and juice I can eat a little more fruit.
  • Veggies. It’s a good thing I love veggies. I love okra, and bok toy & carrots, corn (not a veggie I know), peas, upo, ahhhh so good. I love eggplants. I love veggies. Mix frozen veggies in everything! I swear it’s so good. It can get tiring though, so maybe mix up the types of veggies not just the frozen packs!


I was absolutely great the first week! I did it everyday except the weekends. Then second week I did it Monday, crashed and burned Tuesday, and didn’t work out. So I definitely need to work on a schedule that isn’t too long. My problem so far is that my sessions take up from an hour to two hours since I take breaks in between (this shit’s tiring when you were a lump for years). Also since I kind of browse on youtube looking for different workouts (but I always go back to these).


  • I suggest you keep all your tabs open beforehand and really know what you want to accomplish that day. Do you want to work out arms, legs, abs? I would have your stretches tabs open and your workout tabs. I would try to limit breaks in between each step. Also have music ready! I can’t tell you how many times I just browse on spotify looking for a playlist wasting time.
  • Start of easy if you’re new! I started off pretty hard on myself and I think that’s why I crashed. I just couldn’t mentally get myself together & I fell into a lazy trap.
  • Don’t buy workout clothes yet. Think of it as a treat. All of these workouts can be done in a t-shirt and home shorts. Seriously, my goal is to workout for one month straight, and if I do, I get to buy a cute sports bra. (Unless of course you NEED a sports bra, I have small boobs so it doesn’t even matter if I wear a bra or not while working out at home).
  • Breathe while doing ab/arm exercises. In P.E. everytime I did crunches I just kind of held in my breath. It was weird, but breathe regularly.
  • YOUR FORM. I had no idea as to what form was, but I am slightly understanding it now with the help of fitness videos. I used to do sit-ups my first year of high school every single day, and I totally wrecked my back because I didn’t know how to do it properly. My lower back died. I suggest if doing an exercise hurts like sit-ups, it’s most likely your form! Look it up guys! When you do any ab excursus laying down, make sure your lower back is firmly planted on the floor, and your abs need to work just to push them down. I wish I knew this, because ab exercises don’t hurt me anymore.



So I hope this gave you guys some time of idea of what to do for workouts/ diets. This is obviously for those just starting, not for you superstars with a great regime! If you guys do have extra tips please tell me! I‘m just starting out and recording what I’ve done so I can look at my progress. Best wishes for everyone’s health 🙂 








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