My First Time Going through a Corn Maze!

Hey guys! I wanted to start a series that just talked about all the “first times” I did anything. I’ll probably add some “first time” things that I did a while ago, just because they’re exciting enough to write about (ex. first time I went on a 4000 mile roadtrip). And for this one, in lieu of the Halloween season- I went through a corn maze! I really really really large 42 acre corn maze!

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College Chronicles: Things I’ve Realized as a Sophomore that People Don’t Talk About

Back to school is the weirdest feeling. It’s not the same high school back to school where I buy a couple notebooks, think about what my period 1-7 might be, then see my usual friends at our usual spot. It’s also not like my freshmen year where I had an entire staff team dedicated to making me feel right at home in college. Now, it feels so…off.

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