My First Time Going through a Corn Maze!

Hey guys! I wanted to start a series that just talked about all the “first times” I did anything. I’ll probably add some “first time” things that I did a while ago, just because they’re exciting enough to write about (ex. first time I went on a 4000 mile roadtrip). And for this one, in lieu of the Halloween season- I went through a corn maze! I really really really large 42 acre corn maze!

So I went to the corn maze with my church friends. I honestly don’t know what I expected, but one of my friends mentioned it was once the worlds largest corn maze. Around 2014 I think. That was pretty crazy.

The drive there was pretty short, and I rode with some girls I have never met. They were all so incredibly interesting and intelligent, it was a fun car ride.

There was this one argument which I found really funny, where one girl claimed that San Francisco was a really small city that you could probably walk and everyone else was like “dear go no please”.

The parking/ entrance into the corn maze was a dirt road on a grassy field, which surprised me but then again we were going to a giant corn maze, not an amusement park. It had a really sketchy feel about it, because there were some sketchy looking people hanging around the parking lot (which was a just a grass field with rocks to mark spaces).

I was pretty excited heading out to the field. The cool thing is, it’s also a pumpkin patch, so we walked through a sea of deformed and leftover pumpkins to get to the entrance of the corn maze.

After a couple minutes of endless debates about who paid and who didn’t pay in our group (which was professionally done on the side, away from our church group) we finally were handed the tickets to go in!

There was a course of excitement and adrenaline rushing through me as my friends and I walked through the mini path full of pumpkins to get to the orange bridge that connects the pumpkin patch to the endless rows of corn.

I felt like I was ready to ride a gigantic roller coaster as I climbed up the steps of the bridge, when in reality I was getting ready to walk around tall plants for an hour.

Selfies were taken, snapchat videos were recorded, and finally I dumped my measly little ticket into a small bucket some guy was holding out. In that moment I felt like I could have brought my own little ticket stub rather than pay the 13$ but whatever. The bonding experience was worth it.

The descent into the corn was a weird one. I remember looking up and thinking “holy shit they’re taller than I thought”. My friends were so pumped. One of them had a cute little headlight on, another one was striding through with a tiny little flashlight, and the other friend was like me- lightless, unprepared, and mostly confused.

We luckily went through the intermediate part of the maze, and after the first few minutes, it honestly felt like we didn’t even go anywhere. We started running around after my one friend decided it would be a good idea to scream “yolo” and run in any direction possible.

Yes, we are in college, and yes we are second years in college. Hell, one of my friends is a fourth year, who also encouraged running and screaming. It just goes to show age doesn’t mean a thing guys. We’re still babies.

I do admit though, running around was a lot of fun. We were smart and did it while it was empty of course.

One of the things that I was hyperaware of, was how dark it was. If you didn’t have any type of light on you, you were screwed. You could trip and die, no joke. That’s because there were a ton of dips and grooves, and it made the maze feel more like a hike than a course on flat land.

My one friend almost twisted her ankle and died. I honestly have no idea how she made it through the very end without crying after tripping like that.

I don’t know how I didn’t even trip.

As the maze went on, we passed through a couple more bridges, one that said “starbucks station” which did not have Starbucks and was just called “starbucks station” because it was a green bridge.

Those liars. We all thought we could get coffee.

By the end half of the maze, I totally gave up. I let my friends steer me in whichever direction they saw fit, and I just gossiped with my other friend. It was a fantastic time. It goes to show who to trust if we get lost in a forest. Not me.

The entire experience was awesome. As we neared the end of the path, my friends ran, while I casually walked out. The lights at the end of the maze made me feel victorious. I forgot how great light could be at that point.

It was literally the light at the end of the tunnel.

Of course we took more cute pics then walked out of there. I think we were the first ones out.

To relieve the stress of the maze, we played with the wagons that were used to transport pumpkins. Yes, we are all in college. Was I ashamed, no not really. A smidge bit. But hell, the workers didn’t even stop us and there were a ton of workers around.

Overall good first time experience?


I rate it 10/10.

I love doing random crap like this, it feeds my soul.






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