Feeling Out of Sorts this Holiday Season

Is it weird to be getting holiday blues when I don’t really have anything to be blue about? It seems like everyone else is affected by the infamous “2016 sucked & so do the holidays” syndrome. It’s crazy, sure there will be people who just don’t get into the holidays. BUT for me of all people?? I started decorating my dorm and busting out my jingle bell earrings November 1st (my friend had a video with a time stamp to prove it).

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My Friend Gave Me a Fake Tarot Card Reading and it Hit Close to Home

Okay guys so the weirdest thing just happened to me today. I was over at a little get together at my friends house, and later on in the night one of my friends offered to give us tarot card readings. Of course it wasn’t a legit reading, they were fake cards anyway, but she hit ridiculously close to home I was wondering if she somehow knew what my situation was and tailored my reading to what I was thinking about.

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Stop Stressing About Getting the Perfect Christmas Present!

Okay guys, the holidays are literally right around the corner. And usually, around this time, I would be pestering my family about what they want for christmas. Then I would make christmas lists of possible presents and then stress out about the present that they would want. I think it’s really easy to stress out and be self-conscious about the presents you give to others. And that’s not what christmas- or any other holiday should be about.

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