Jane the Virgin: A TV Show with so Many Twists It Makes you Dizzy

Guys, I just binged-watched Jane the Virgin and it was fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever been hooked into a TV show as fast as I was with this show. Literally a good five minutes in and I knew that it was the show for me. And trust me, it takes me at least a good three episodes in before I can say: “Huh, yup okay I’ll watch it”.


So I’ve been looking for a “light” tv show ever since I hit a wall with Arrow. I honestly just don’t want to go through the action/dark stuff deep within the plot right now. School has become a real bummer, and it’s just adding to the dark cloud above my head.

With Jane the Virgin though, I was immediately pulled into the plot and I was smiling two minutes in. It’s so unique (at least for me), that I binged the first season in two days. DURING FINALS WEEK OKAY. Not good.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts about the show since I fell in love with it so fast.

Summary of Jane the Virgin: (pics might be spoilers, not really, but if you don’t wann see screenshots don’t go on!)

For those of you who haven’t heard of this show, or aren’t too familiar with the plot, it’s about a 24 year old woman named Jane, who was accidentally inseminated while she was supposed to get her pap smear. There is a 20% chance of her becoming pregnant, and of course she becomes pregnant. The catch is: she’s a virgin (but already pregnant). A series of events happen that affect her relationship with her boyfriend, her family, and her career.


So for the first part I’ll write stuff that’s pretty general as to what I like without any spoilers, and the second part I’m probably going to go into more plot specific things so yes there will be spoilers. It’s going to be real messy guys, I’m not going to be very organized with this weird blog post.

1st part-No spoilers:

A List of Things I Love about the Show: (I’m using a list format as a tribute to Jane lol)

  1. The Format of the Show:

Okay, guys the one thing that makes this show different is that it has a narrator. Yes, a deep voiced narrator describing the plot similar to those narrators of cheesy early 2000’s movie trailers. I feel like the narrator adds so much to the show it’s fantastic. A lot of the humor comes from the narrator.

Also there are pauses along with typing, and guys I don’t know why but its literally my favorite thing. Like this:


I feel like they went overboard with the typing in the first season (like they’ll type out what the significance of the character is several times and I’m like okay I get it I get it please stop reminding me of this character!), but the second season they definitely found a good balance with the whole typing aspect.

Anyway, I love the narrator dude, and the whole show is in a story like format and it’s fantastic.

2. The Plot and the Twists

There are so many plot twists. Or at least shocking things that uncover/happen in season 1. I could not believe how much plot they squeezed into one episode. In a very good praising way. I didn’t feel like there were any draggy episodes. There were some not as interesting scenes, (honestly I was so invested the whole time but my friend said she skipped boring scenes) but most of the time the episodes were filled to the brim with plot.

Trust me guys, it really is telenovela, drama style with all the twists it has. If your the type that loves gossip in their lives but want it in a harmless form, watch this show. Chisme for days yall.

3. The Characters

I love the characters in the show. I feel like you feel for them even if they’re not necessarily the ones you should root for. It really gives you perspective on how different people are and how there are different things people go through. As uneloquently as I put it, there are dynamic characters that are a lot of fun to watch!

4. The Topics in the Show


They go over so maaaany things. Family, relationships, friendships, tough decisions, childhood, growing up, career choices, religion, etc. etc. I really like how they’re not afraid to leave anything out. They touch on so many things and it’s fantastic. I remember one scene where they were encouraging people to vote and I was like YAAASSSSS THANK YOU. I really like how they included religion as well, because I feel like not a lot of shows do that. It’s a touchy subject but they made it work even with humor involved.



SEASON 1 (Did I mentioned SPOILERS?)

Okay, season one was crazy as hell. I guess since it’s obviously the first time all the characters are introduced, a lot of things happen. I mean a lot. And I was hooked in right away.

First of all, people really hated Luisa for making the pap smear/ insemination mistake. Like really hated her, and I guess I understand because she caused one hell of a shitstorm that could’ve been avoided. But I guess since the plot moved so fast in the beginning, I couldn’t even process why the hell everyone was so angry with her. I viewed her as a catalyst to the necessary plot. So I wasn’t really mad at her cause I knew the pregnancy had to happen somehow.

I was highly entertained with the beginning because it just seemed so impossible and crazy. To go in for a simple pap smear, and then two weeks later you find out your pregnant?

Talk about loosing my trust in abstinence lol.

And as for Jane’s relationship choices, MY DEAR CHILD. When I first saw Jane and Rafael interacting with each other I was like DAMN THAT CHEMISTRY THO. Like I could literally feel the sexual tension between those two. I was all for Rafael, especially with the talk of him splitting up with Petra. I was like yes, you go man. She seems weak and one dimensional split up with her and get with JANE.


Not the best pic but I really really liked them together!! #teamrafael!!

BUT I AM TELLING YOU, I was such a hardcore TEAM RAFAEL girl. I loved them together. Yup, sorry I typed “was”. It was like it was “meant to be”. They met before, and Jane had a crush on him, and then whaaat he the dad of her child by accident?? That’s crazy.

And I’m like what better ending than for Jane to end up with the father of her child?

BUT, I didn’t like how Jane she kissed Rafael the same night she broke it off with Michael. I was like goddamn, have you no respect for the guy that was with you for two years?? Chill for like a week or two man.

But at the time I didn’t feel to awful about it because Michael was being super whiny about the whole pregnancy thing that Jane didn’t really have any control over. But then again, I understand him now as to why he was so against the pregnancy, but it was hard on Jane too okay.

It was basically a mess with no right or wrong answer.

As time went on though, the show never really showed any bonding moments between Jane and Rafael, and I just couldn’t feel the connection between them anymore. The scenes with Jane and Michael were stellar though, like they could be talking about small things and I just felt my heart go to Michael.


but look how cuuuute!! #teammichael?!?

And Michael is just so freaking nice and understanding (or at least he becomes more understanding), and I just doubted him so much because no guy could be that perfect. And if Jane just pressed on the brakes before slamming on the gas pedal she would’ve seen that instead of getting into a relationship with Rafael that quickly.

I wish they showed us more bonding/talking moments with Raf and Jane because a lot of it was sexual tension and I was like “ehh”.


AND GUYS ROGELIO. I’m so glad they have this plot my god. I love Rogelio’s character so much. It adds an incredible dynamic to the show. AND HIS FRIENDSHIP WITH MICHAEL IS EVERYTHING. He is such a pure/ yet not pure character, and he pulls it off so well. At first I was like, oh great a player father big whoop, but guys he IS SO GREAT AS A FATHER TO JANE AND UGH. Great character, with great lines. He’s made me laugh so much bless his soul.

The abuela and Jane’s mom are also great. I love their family bond, I really do. I also like how they incorporated spanish into the show. I don’t know, I guess that’s random for me to say, but I haven’t really seen a show fully incorporate a different language other than english in the show. It’s really cool.


This sums up Petra lolol.

And poor poor Petra. I never really cared for Petra in the beginning, because I thought she would be some side character of no importance, but DAMN WAS I WRONG. The way I interpreted Petra at first was that she was really awkward, not that pretty, slightly annoying and cold. (Which is not true by the way I love her now).

But she was in my peripheral vision, I never really paid attention to her plot the first few episodes. I was like oh, okay another wife that wants her rich husbands money big woop. But they brought so much complexity into her character and plot. At this point I wouldve gone absolutely crazy with the amount of shit Petra has been through.

You know, the whole running away from your crazy ex-boyfriend who threw acid at your mother, then it turns out your mother’s evil and lied and pushed Janes grandma down the stairs, then holding Ivan hostage, then assisting in his murder, inseminating herself with a turkey baster. Crazy stuff.

Does she deserve some of it? Well yeah. But not all of it that poor soul. Her mother’s crazy as f-.


And of course, season 1 and the introduction of the Sin Rostro Plot. I couldn’t believe I didn’t piece it together that Rose was Sin Rostro. I figured it out literally one full minute before they revealed it.

I really like this plot in the show though, it gives it something spicy. I think that’s why I also like the show so much, it’s not just focused on Jane and her relationships, it has other plots that are equally as interesting, but also very different.

And Jane’s writing career! I really like how she’s pursuing writing! I feel like I can relate to her love for writing and it feels fantastic. Only a set few of my friends know I write a blog, and none of my friends actually know I write. Oh, I used to write short stories but no one knows about those, which is very relatable to Jane who has kept her writing a secret for most of her life.

Of course until she decided to pursue her novel head on (which is awesome).

And so overall, I really really loved season 1 of the show, which meant I went on to season 2 as fast as I possibly could.



Not gonna lie, I can’t really draw the line between season 1 stuff and season 2. I just know that this season is when Jane dips into parenthood. There’s A LOT of Mateo, which is great because Mateo is such a cute baby.

A LOT of crying. Oh Jane, you sweet little child. She goes through a lot as a new mom. The Sin Rostro plot thickens a lot.

Poor Rafael, he goes through so much but I also don’t feel for him that much. I think it’s because his situations are so unrelatable since their problems of the rich lol. Every time he talks about the Marbella failing I just can’t connect to him on that level. Or that his mother’s a crime lord. It’s all very messed up, but so out there that I can’t feel sorry for him.


And Petra with the twins. Although she sucks and brought the pregnancy upon herself and it’s totally screwed up she put Rafael and Jane in a terrible position, not to mention herself, I still feel for Petra.

She’s also messed up, I mean to the point where she freaking  inseminated herself with the man’s sperm who doesn’t even love her anymore.

And can I get this out of the way? I LOVE the flashback scenes with her and Rafael. I feel like they were in such a good place, and I wished that their relationship never fell out because they’re actually pretty cute together.

And what the heck is up with her twin sister? Weird, but again this is supposed to reflect a real telonovela so I get the twin thing. They used it on Roman 1st season too lol.

But anyway, back to Jane and her situation. YES MOTHERFFFF- she’s back with Michael!! Oh my god, finally, they had quite the journey together. But Michael being his sweet self is just so supportive of Jane and they’re finally getting married thank god.

I’m also writing this before I’m actually finished with season 2, so I think it will be fun to write down my reaction to the ending.

But honestly, every scene Michael is in, I can’t help but whine about how sweet and perfect he is. Yes, Rafael is hot as hell, but goddamn I’ve always been a sucker for the sweet ones.


And it really sucks that Rogelio and Xo broke up. I felt like Xo was in a good place with him, but also you go girl! Yes, you tell him that you don’t want kids and you stick by it. I’m really glad she said straight up that she doesn’t want kids and want’s t focus on herself. I think she really deserves it after taking care of Jane for so long. She never got the chance to put in all her energy in herself, and as Jane said I think it’s time for her to “grow up”. Not in a derogatory way, but in a way where she can find something she can really focus on.

And ABUELA IS DATING. This plot makes me slightly uncomfortable, but happy that she’s getting out of the house and dating. Live your life abuela, that’s right girl.

One thing that I thought was awesome though, was Jane changing her novel up a bit so it focused on a mom-daughter plot vs. just a romance plot. I know this is one of the smallest little things that happened with the show, but I feel like she was being pushed as a writer to not just focus on romance.

PLUS JANE AND MICHAEL BUYING A HOUSE. This is so beautiful, their family is really coming together. And Jane is really growing up. I was so happy when it was revealed that Petra owns the house. That’s really sweet of her in her own Petra way. AND when she yelled at Rafael to just let Jane have her dream home after going through hell with the whole accidental insemination thing. I WAS LIKE YAAAAAS PETRA YAAAASSSS. I liked her so much from the point on.

Let’s be real Petra’s gonna do something that will make me shake my head but right now I really like her. Stupid Anezka is probably gonna mess something up though.

AS FOR NOW. I’m in a good place. I’m going to start ep 18 or 19, and so the end is near. Then I’ll write down my thoughts because the way Season 1 ended was one hell of a cliff hanger.

Thank god I watched when season 2 was already out.

Another thing with this show, they love cliffhangers smh.

Yes guys, this temporarily concludes my Jane the Virgin rant. A good rant. A mess of a rant but I really like this show. I recommend it!! It’s a show that’s won a bunch of awards and I know Gina Rodriguez (Jane) won some type of award too. ahhhh so well deserved.


p.s. please watch it.

p.p.s. if you have watched it please fangirl with me in the comments.



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