Stop Stressing About Getting the Perfect Christmas Present!

Okay guys, the holidays are literally right around the corner. And usually, around this time, I would be pestering my family about what they want for christmas. Then I would make christmas lists of possible presents and then stress out about the present that they would want. I think it’s really easy to stress out and be self-conscious about the presents you give to others. And that’s not what christmas- or any other holiday should be about.

One thing you guys should know about me, is that I like to be very “iffy” or “wishy washy” about everything. I never truly give you a solid answer in case I’m not correct. Like if you ask me about something, I’ll give you an answer but end with a “But I’m not sure”, or “But I don’t really know”.  Something that will get the message across but with a safety net of insecurity.

So yes, I’m not the type to give a solid answer because of lingering self-doubt. And so this transfers on to gift-giving.

I would think about a possible gift, mentally list the pros and cons, find the possible present at the store, stare at it for hours wondering if they’ll like it, come to terms that if they like it or not whatever it’s the thought that counts, buy it, then go through the cycle of mental self-doubt then wonder if I should get something else.

I’m sure this is a relatable topic. I feel like you can know the person inside and out, but still fail to give them a present that they would love. It’s the weirdest thing ever.

And so while I was listening to my complain about buying gifts while we were trudging around macy’s this weekend, I realized something wonderful.

That we shouldn’t stress out about giving gifts or buying the perfect christmas present because:

It’s the thought that counts. 

Okay, okay I know, you’re probably thinking EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.

But I feel like we all kind of shrug this statement off and recite “Eh, whatever it’s the thought that counts” to get rid of any self doubt about a present when we buy presents in a rush. Or when we receive a present that we would probably never use.

But I personally have never really sat down and thought about it.

And buying your little brother the exact model lego set he wanted or buying your friend that one of a kind lipstick color she’s been whining about shouldn’t be at the very top of your stress list. Or christmas list for that matter.


Because guys, that’s not what Christmas should be about. Whether or not you celebrate it religiously, or just celebrate it as a normal holiday, it really should just be about spending the holiday with the people you love, and appreciating them. It should be like a second thanksgiving (just with a christmas tree instead of turkey decorations).

You don’t have to eliminate gift-giving to have a righteous Christmas. That’s not what I’m saying. You can if you want to, but for those who want to give presents, I’m just saying, give gifts for the right reason. Don’t give a gift because it’s at the top of their wish list.

Instead of being so focused on how that person will react to the present, or how much they’ll like it, or if it’s the color that they want, or the model that they want etc. etc., focus on why you’re even giving them a present in the first place.

For the people you really care about, I feel like this is where all the self-doubt kicks in hard. You care about the person so much, that you want them to fall in love with your present. But sometimes it’s hard to think of something that they’ll absolutely love. Some of us just suck at giving presents.

So we have to remember that material things won’t impact their life as much as you think it will. Giving them a purple beanie instead of a grey one they might like better won’t really matter.

Just focus on how much you appreciate them, how much you love them, and how much you want to say “thank you for being with me”. The gift is a simple symbol appreciation.



Of course you should still put in effort with your gifts. And by effort, I’m not saying put in more money or anything, I’m just saying really think about that  person.  Don’t just close your eyes and grab the first thing you can find on the shelf if you plan to give a gift.

But don’t be so stressed out about it like it will impact their lives forever if you give them a gift they won’t fall in love with.

Finding perfect christmas present should not be the top priority on our christmas to do list. The top of our lists should focus on how we can spend time with family, and how we can show our love for each other.

And as cheesy as this all sounds, I think we all need to be reminded to relax, and that christmas presents shouldn’t be a big deal. Gift giving is a simple gesture of thanks, and it’s a sign of how grateful you are for that person in your life.

So how do you guys feel about the holiday stress? Are gifts a huge part of your christmas? I’m really curious as to how other people stand on this topic, because I’ve been feeling so off about christmas recently, and I don’t know if it’s because of this. 

Till next time guys!



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