Makeup Madness: Hey, I Wore Makeup Outside & Survived!

Slowly, but surely, there’s been developments with my makeup journey! I bought a new eyelash curler, concealer, new lipstick and I wore lipstick outside. Hurrah! Plus, I’m being a little braver wearing makeup outside! It’s been a slow journey but my confidence in wearing makeup outside has definitely developed since this summer.

Okay guys! So since the last time I posted, I mentioned how this is the beginning of my makeup journey. I didn’t have a lot of makeup to start with, and I’m going to be honest, I haven’t gained much either. BUT what I did gain a lot of is confidence! Wearing makeup outside of my room isn’t that scary anymore!

So for the things that I have added into my collection, I’ll give you guys a summary:


So I bought:

  • An elf blush palette (light)
  • An eyelash curler
  • elf blush brush
  • maybelline the falsies mascara
  • maybelline fit me concealers (medium & sand)
  • ecotools brushes
  • maybelline matte lipstick (nude nuance)
  • essence waterproof eyeliner pen

It looks better on a list but when pictures it’s a really small pile.

Makeup Confidence:

I’m going to be real with you guys, I was absolutely terrified of what my housemates or what others would think of me with a bold lip. Was I trying too hard? Was it super obvious? And not to mention, my one housemate who is also starting to get into makeup, she brought something up I never even thought of.

Does my makeup match my outfit?

I was completely mindblown. Of course your face has to somehow go with your outfit! I guess since I wear such neutral colors I never really thought about it, but I was definitely much more careful with my makeup and my clothes.

To keep it safe, my bold lips only go on with my all black outfits.

Well, back to my insecurities, at first my one housemate noticed I had on makeup and I felt super weird. Especially since she pointed it out. But after a couple times of wearing makeup, it didn’t feel weird anymore. Honestly, I first I couldn’t even look her in the eye with makeup on.

It’s weird that I was so self-concious about it. But now, I put it on whenever I want. I still feel weird, but not as terrified.

I also wear eye makeup, but only when I have extra time to indulge. Most of the time I just drag myself out without even looking at a mirror. Something I definitely need to change next quarter.

Overall summary:

I still feel weird about makeup outside, I also forget I have makeup and I smudge sometimes, but overall I’m not longer terrified of it! I’m having fun experimenting. It feels great to be at this stage honestly.

And so now I’ll go over the things I bought!



So I’ve been wanting a basic blush palette, and fortunately some girl was selling this slightly used one for 2$ on my schools fb page for makeup.

I swear she didn’t even touch this thing it was practically brand new. And yes those fingerprint marks are mine (I’m a mess even with three pieces of makeup).

The palette is in the shade “light”, although I thought it was in the shade dark. The colors are really pretty, and I’m pretty excited to use it more. I try to use it, but since I don’t have foundation or even tinted moisturizer I highly doubt it will stay on my face.

I did go overboard one day and applied a crap ton onto my face, and when I looked in the mirror after class it looked like I had been drinking which was not a great look. I rubbed it all off but it was a pretty funny look.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They don’t actually have names for each individual color I think, but I really like all of them, especially the orangey-brown color. They’re really pigmented, so I’m super careful with them. Especially after the whole really red face fiasco. Plus I really love the case, because the huge mirror is beautiful.


Eyelash Curler-


So I bought a new eyelash curler from Daiso! I really like this eyelash curler because it feels sturdy, although I do question how well it curls my eyelashes. I like the shape of it because I feel like it’s the right shape for my eyes, but I feel like I have to clamp down on my eyelashes for a long time for it to curl it properly.

Overall though, I like it and I’ll stick with it until I feel like I need a new one.



So I never wanted to get the falsies. I actually wanted another maybelline mascara full n soft or something because people said it was the most natural looking mascara out there. But I actually really like this mascara!

I feel like it does the job and it doesn’t really flake on me or anything. So far so good! Makes my lashes dark and honestly at this point, I probably can’t tell a good high brand mascara formula from a dollar mascara so who knows!



Top is the essence GEL eye pencil, and bottom is the essence waterproof eyeliner pen.



Okay, so I’ve been on the hunt for a great drugstore eyeliner. I feel like I’ve been through a lot of eyeliners.

I bought a brown felt one from elf which I never really got to try because I bought it during high school and my “no way am I wearing makeup outside” phase. Then I bought a pencil liner from wet n wild because people recommended pencil for beginners, but my eyes are oily or super watery or something because it can’t hold pencil!

Then I bought a crayon/pencil one from daiso (terrible quality it didn’t even work on my eyeskin), and then i bought a gel pencil from essence which also bled to the bottom of my eyes and smudged.


THEN FINALLY, I bought another essence one, this time the waterproof felt eyeliner, and I think this ones finally the one. It’s definitely not the best quality, the pigment is light, but after a few coats its pretty black! I think this is a good one for my eyes.

I wanted to try the wet n wild mega liner, but it’s not in a pen form, and I really need it in a pen form because of my ridiculously shaky hands and terrible eyesight. I can’t line anything unless I have a solid grip near the end of the pencil.

And as you can see, the waterproof eye pen is much sharper than the pencil which makes it a lot easier for me to use. ALTHOUGH, I realized you’re supposed so smudge the gel liner, or else you just get a crumbly mess. So now, I want to see if smudging will make it look better! Ahhh the more you know.



Yay I got rid of the awful sponge eye brushes! I bought these two ended brushes from ecotools recommended my kathleenlights on youtube! I really like them, they’re super soft and a great size for my small eyes.


I also really like them because there are little words that explain what the brushes are for. Except I use the smudge brush as the shade brush since I have small eyelids. The shade brush is still too fat.

But the blending brush is great. Although I don’t really blend anything since I’m still clueless with eyeshadows. I definitely like the define brush though! It’s what I use for eyeliner when I use a black eyeshadow.


And I got this 4$ elf angled blush brush! ITS SO SOFT. I really like it! I feel like you could use this for contour more than blush, but I make it work. I still can’t get over how soft this brush is though. It’s fantastic!




Okay, so I have quite the dilemma with these concealers. I originally bought medium for an undereye concealer, and realized it had a pink undertone. So I said, okay, I’ll just buy a lighter shade (sand) so I could put it on top. But I think sand is too light! My face is lighter than my arms (I don’t know why okay) so I thought it would be fine. Wroong. I mean it’s not awful but ehh.

And I assumed that since they’re concealers, one swipe and it should immediately conceal my dark undereyes. Boy was I wrong. I think I need foundation too because there’s not enough coverage for undereyes with these.

And I’m having an awful time with shades. So I thought, hell why not blend them together like I saw this one blogger do?

Ah. Eh. One big “eh”. I would rather just put medium than both of them together. I’m still experimenting but my undereyes just look scary when i put on concealer. I mean I still do because I find it fun to put on, but my god I think I need to buy better ones. I want to buy the LA girl ones. They seem thicker.

And I don’t know why I keep buying maybelline stuff. I honestly feel like it’s not my holy grail brand but I end up buying everything from maybelline! Even lipstick.

If anyone has any concealer tips or concealer brands they wanna share, please please please do!!

Here look at these swatches:


TOP SWATCH: shade fitme 25 in “medium”. BOTTOM SWATCH: shade fitme 20 “sand”


Sadly tried to mix them together.


I was so close to buying lipsticks from colourpop during their cyber monday sale and I didn’t. I chickened out. BUT I did buy another matte lipstick from maybelline.

Gosh darn it maybelline whyyyy. Anyway, I ended up buying “nude nuance”.


I kind of regret the purchase, because on my lips it looks just like touch of spice. On my hand, they look sort of different, but I guess it’s the pigment of my lips or something. Nude nuance is definitely more “brown”, but I wish I just bought a different color. I honestly can’t tell the difference sometimes.

I really want to buy clay crush next, but I should move onto other brands. All I have are colourpop and maybelline.

Any recommendations for good lipsticks?

OH and I bought one lipstick from wet n wild. I honestly don’t know why people even recommend it. I mean yes they’re cheap, but my lips were so dry while wearing it. And it went on super super patchy and emphasized my lip lines terribly.

I think you need really smooth lips to pull off the wet n wild lipsticks.


Such beautiful shades! On my hand at least…

The shade did not look good on me either. I got “barely there” but it made my skin look more yellow.

I think I need to stay away from any shade with even a hint of peach because it makes me look super yellow-y. Not attractive. I bought a shade called “coralberry” or something from rimmel, worst mistake ever. It just looks so weird on my face, but it looks great on my hand.


And so that’s it for my makeup journey so far guys! I hope I can share more things with you guys after winter break, and let’s see what happens!

My first makeup madness post if you’re curious:

If any of you have tips for me, please please let me know, I’d love to learn more things. 🙂

till next time!



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