I Need Blogs to Follow!!

Hey guys! I realized I’ve been feeling a little lost and isolated here on wordpress, and it’s because I don’t follow anybody! I need to read other blogs for inspiration and entertainment! So please comment on this post if you have a blog you want to share with me, and others 🙂

I would like to follow blogs that focus on:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Makeup 
  • College
  • Life (as in casual life updates)
  • Entertaining stories
  • Cooking?
  • TV shows

Please recommend any other blogs to me too, it doesn’t have to be your own blog. Thanks so much guys!




9 thoughts on “I Need Blogs to Follow!!

  1. therink2k16 says:

    Hi Kae! I’m Lakshmi Ramesh (L.R.) from THE RINK – a blog on fashion & beauty! Lovely blog you’ve got there! I could totally feel you in your College Crisis Blog Post – and yes, I’m 18 too!


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