January 2017: Hello & Goodbye!

I’m telling you, I thought I was going to write every single weekend starting 2017. The title of this article has changed from: “My goals in 2017!” to “It’s not to late to make goals for 2017!” all the way to what it is now, “Hello & Goodbye to January!”. It’s crazy how so many thing have already happened to me in January, and I’m excited to share it all in this post!

My motto every year which I can never seem to do is to: “Do more, talk less”.

Basically I have a problem where I say, “oh man I feel like it would be cool to do an internship, or research” and I never do it. Or, “oh man it would be cool to do yoga”. And obviously some things I want to do I can’t do because of financial restraints like wanting to travel to Europe.

Other things like working out, uhhhh- yeah I can do that.

So for the year of the “Do more, talk less”, I started January by finding things I can commit myself to.

So I did. I applied to do an internship which has to do with sort-of therapy. I’m super super new to it and I have no idea if I can commit or want to commit, but hey I have an internship!

I reccommend you don’t just find an “internship” because it says internship- which I admittedly foolishly kind of did. I would say really really look into it to see if it’s something your genuinely interested in. Obviously my internship is still related to my major, but I’m having second thoughts about it. Which is (in my perspective) totally fine and a way to refine what your interests are.

I also applied to become a research assistant which is pretty lit, since I am now an undergraduate research assistant who does all the boring coding for labs. No exactly the position I had in mind (I was thinking I would be in a lab coat conducting research but that was a silly thing to think when I have no experience with research).

This job I was slightly hesitant about (I’m always hesitant I swear to god), but I’m actually pretty excited about this one after doing my first coding session. I’m in the meta-analytic team so I basically read studies and categorize them. Exciting? No, but it sort of is for  me since I like the topic.

The only thing I would love love love to do is to join an interest group. Some group that is more for fun than for experience or a resume. I’ve always wanted to join the Filipino organizations on campus, but no joke the people who run those groups intimidate the crap out of me. So one day? Hopefully soon I’ll find an organization that I like.

But yeah, I’m lowkey really proud that I joined these things. I’ve only told a handful of people, but it seems that I can barely keep the “talk less part” a thing. I love to brag it seems.

2k17 Goal: Hang out with friends more!

Definitely still need to work on that since I still get never ending comments of “Oh my god you left your apartment!!”. Yeah, I thought there was progress but I guess not. I do try to get out every weekend which I’ve done in January!

I usually feel sluggish in January because its cold and miserable and I’m usually cooped up. But not anymore! I’m out and about and it feels great. I really just need a “fun club” lol.

Anyways, I feel like I see my friends more even if they don’t feel the same way. I find it kind of hard to ever hang out with people during the weekdays because its just so busy. So I’m more of a “I’ll see u once every saturday” kind of friend.

In other words, I don’t really have a super tight squad but that’s alright. I can work on relationships which is actually a connected goal to this one. Is to learn how to build deeper relationships with people who aren’t family.

2k17 Goal: Don’t settle for mediocrity.

This one. Oh boy this one. This one I find to be a little hard. It’s so easy to fall into a slump where you do the bare minimum and think “Okay I did my job back to netflix”. This is something I want to work on, so far I don’t know how I’m doing. I don’t feel awful about my work ethic right now, but I don’t feel great. I could do much much better.

So in January, I’ve felt proud because I joined stuff. But I need to keep the mojo going.

2k17 Goal: Write more (for your blog)

Okay, this ones been a miss for January. Got to give and take right? Honestly, I’ve been wanting to write about so maaaany things and I just haven’t got the time. Is my excuse. I have time, I just need to appropriately manage it because I spent 4:30pm-8pm on my phone and netflix. Not fantastic.

2k17 Goal: Be more organized.

I’m using google calendars does that count?

2k17 Goal: be more fit!

Complete trash. Evaporated in flames. Died. I basically need to find time in my schedule to work out because it’s been ridiculous. Time management should be a goal honest to god.

Overall  month of January: 

I’ve been pretty satisfied with it. I think it’s been a great start, but I can definitely improve and work on things! I’m really excited for what’s to come!!!!


How has your January been so far? Any exciting developments? Not so exciting? Or got any plans for 2017? I would love to know what’s up in all your lives as well!!




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