February Flashbacks: What Happened While I was MIA & Goals Update

It only took a blink or two and February has already retired. So why exactly have I been MIA, and did I reach any of my goals for this month? Oh dear, let’s take a look.

So February was quite a month! It was busy busy busy. I was in SUCH a good mood all month. I would smile for no reason and I just felt so light the whole month. I had no idea why, but I just rode the wave of feeling great about myself. Not in a narcissitic oh my god I’m fantastic, but more like “wow, life is so beautiful and it’s great to be here” kind of attitude.

Along with this high wave of loving life, there were some pretty dark days as well. I still remember there was one day in particular where I felt physically sick. Not because I was physically sick with the flu, but it was more anxiety. It was the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. It got to a point where I knew that if I didn’t control my breathing, there was a chance I could go through a panic attack.

Fortunately, I had my internship that day and it helped me focus on other things besides every thought running through my mind.

I was fairly busy this month, but I think I just need to work on time management which is why I’ve been MIA. Poor time management + addicted to social media + procrastination = never ever getting blog posts out.

So the verdict? February was beautiful with a sprinkle of “Nope” here and there. So here I am ready to revisit my goals and see if I made any progress!

2017 Goal: Join a club! 

Okay I completely failed at this. I did not join an interest club in February. I am still on the hunt though! Although I’m leaning towards getting a job since I want to buy things all the time.

I still love the internship and research I joined though, it’s fantastic.

2k17 Goal: Hang out with friends more!

This goal I feel like slowly but surely I’m on track. I have gone out with my friends a little more, but it’s still not at the level at which I feel like I should be. It’s weird to have a goal with the amount of time spent with friends, but in my own way it’s like saying stop staying inside and just go out every once in a while! I think for a new goal I want to spice it up and try things I haven’t tried either, not just “go out” although that’s a good first step.

2k17 Goal: Write more (for your blog)

For my blog? No. Writing in general? Hell yeah. I’ve written in my journal so much I am ridiculously proud of what I’ve done. I wish I could write in my journal daily, but it’s been so hard. I think I need a specific time frame for it, that way I can actually write at least a paragraph a day. I do wish I could write more for my blog but I think I’m suffering content wise. Oh well! There’s still time for growth with my blog! I want to do more than monthly recaps (ugh it’s like the wordpress version of monthly favorites on youtube).

2k17 Goal: Be more organized.

I don’t think I really focused on this goal ever. I even got told by my housemate that I need to organize my life. Okay March, you better be the month of ridiculously awesome organization.

2k17 Goal: be more fit!

Yay! I dipped my foot into this one. I sort of not really started going back to the gym. There’s definitely no routine, but I tried going on my own without my housemate for the first time! I usually went with her since she was knowledgable about the equipment, but I’ve learned enough that I can go on my own.

I felt so proud that first day, but I’ve only gone twice in the whole month of february alone. Then I went twice with my housemate. I basically went to the gym once a week. Better than never right? Although March I really need to push it.

Overall  month of February:

February was so so beautiful. I was mostly in a great mood, and I felt like my workload was a good balance. I did go out a little more than usual, but not really. I feel like it was a filler month, but it was a great filler month. I wish for more productivity and developments in march, but overall i was so satisfied with life in february.  



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