That One Time I did a Normal Thing on a Plane & Cheered Someone Up

Hey folks! So I just wanted to share a little story that I think will help you all remember that everyone goes through different things, and small gestures can do wonders to other people’s days. I want to share the time during winter break where I was flying back home, and a woman was very touched with something that I thought was an incredibly insignificant thing.

To give a little background, this happened at the end of last year (Dec. 2016). I was in an a great mood since I was finally flying home after a rough week of finals (which I didn’t know that I violently bombed one test. Honest to god I thought I aced it which made the blow even worse.).

Anyway, yes I was ecstatic, I could leave my apartment and go back down to sunny southern california where my family will welcome me with loving arms.

Before any of that I had to board the plane. As I always am, I was so confused with the seating and realized it was free seating after I stumbled all the way towards the back of the plane which of course was cramped but conveniently right next to the bathroom.

I plopped down in the seat closest to the aisle, leaving that mandatory one space buffer seat between me and the stranger next to the window. Our departure was near, but there were still a couple of people hunting down seats.

One of the last people was a woman who had no choice but to sit next to me since she boarded last minute. Rather than letting her climb over me in vain (I had flashback of people in class clawing their way to the middle seat), I just simply grabbed my bag and stood up to scoot one seat over.


I honest to got didn’t think this was a grandeur thing, or anything special. I was on a plane ready to go home and I thought “Oh okay someones gonna sit I’ll just move real quick since I’m here anyway”.

And all of a sudden before my butt hits the seat she goes “Oh! Oh no you don’t have to move!” (or something like that. It’s been a couple months). And of course I brushed it off, it really didn’t mean much to me. I moved one seat over not one country over.

The woman was very greatful, telling me that I didn’t have to move, but I reassured her that it wasn’t a big deal. Honestly. Please, it’s okay I am not Mother Theresa but a child that scoot my butt over.

I was flattered at her reaction though because I felt like superwoman.

It was a really short flight, about an hour or so. And during the flight the woman was extra nice to me, asking me if I wanted the snacks that the plane was passing out (since I was skipped over by the stewardess). I thought that was really chill of her considering we were strangers and all. Of course some people are naturally nice but whatever, I thought she was being extra nice okay.

I also felt kind of bad because it seemed like she wanted to chat but I was just so knocked out from the leftover finals stress and exhaustion. I was in and out of consciousness for what felt like forever.

After we landed, I was so happy and ready to go home. Once the engines of the plane shut off, the lady  turned to me,  and said a really nice heartfelt little quip about appreciating the fact that I moved for her.

She said that it was nice of me because in her past experiences in airplanes, the people she sat next to would get frustrated or angry that she had to squeeze through the aisles and irritate them. So basically, people were real douchebags and made a big deal of her having to squeeze through the aisles and brush legs with them for less than 30 seconds.

All I thought was “goddamn, people are hella rude if she felt the need to thank me for something so simple”.

The moral of the story is to show how being a decent human being can make someones day. Little gestures like that can make a huge impact you never even know toward someone.

I think it’s cool that we see the world differently, that one minuscule gesture for one person, means the world for another.

If we all just try to step up and be nice every once in a while (god forbid we do an act of kindness more than once a day), then I think it would be a fantastic planet to live on.

Also, another moral: Don’t be a douchebag on the plane. Please, we all get stressed, we all are tired, but there’s no need to put extra strain on someone’s flight just because you feel stressed and tired.

It’ll feel better to just shut up about it and deal, or hell if you want to go the extra mile maybe help out the person that might be “bothering” you. Flights suck guys, but there have been so many nice people who help me put my luggage in the overhead bin because I’m short and I have no upper body strength.

So let’s all be decent human beings guys. It feels awesome sometimes.


Do any of you have similar stories of being thanked for doing something you thought was not a big deal? Or have you guys thanked people for small gestures they’ve done? 



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