A Look into My Journal! (Not a bullet journal because I’m too lazy for that)

Hi everyone! With the whole bullet journaling craze, or what I think is a bullet journaling craze, I would like to share what my journaling process has been like. Spoiler alert, there is no process. In all honesty, it’s more of a diary than a journal but since I’m past the age of 12- I would rather call it journal.

Okay, so the reason why I’m documenting and sharing my journal is because I want to see if I can go in a different direction with my journal. So far, all I do is write down what I’ve done for the day, just because it’s fun going back to see what my past self has been up to. Plus it’s cathartic and relaxing.

So first I’ll share how my journal is right now, then what I would like to add/improve on.



It’s a plain black notebook that has blank pages. There are a bunch of stickers that I randomly covered it with, some have meanings, others I just stuck on there.

I bought the notebook from Barnes and Noble’s all the way back in 2014. I’m only halfway through my journal since I never really wrote in it until last year.

And here’s the back:


I’ve had that mickey mouse sticker since I was 9 years old I think and I though okay, ten years is too long for me to have never used it, so I just stuck it onto my journal.

When I first got my journal, I didn’t really know if I wanted to be artsy with it. I tried, oh my god I tried so hard to be artsy, but I realized I hated using my journal because I didn’t want to mess up the aesthetic I was trying to pull.

Aaand the problem was I didn’t know what aesthetic I was going for, which ultimately meant I left it blank for a couple years. It wasn’t until I said “fuck it” and wrote in it like a diary that I actually started putting things in there.

The only thing is, for my next journal, I’m definitely getting a spiral bound notebook, and I’m not putting a crap ton of stickers on it. The stickers bring attention to my notebook, which is exactly the opposite of what I want from my journal.

I don’t want anyone touching it, or being curious about it. It’s mine. Which is hilarious because I’m sharing it on the internet but whatever.

So here is when I tried being artsy with it:


And then I realized I really don’t care much for being artsy and it turned into this:


Yes, it’s blurry on purpose. I censored my life out for you guys, but I just wanted to show that it has now turned into a boring novel of my feelings rather than a picture book.

So now I’m excited to talk about what I want to add!

Bullet journaling has been huge (from my side of the internet at least), and I wanted to incorporate bits and pieces of the bullet journal into my journal.

I can’t for the life of me, do pretty spreads, and calendars, and mood trackers, but here’s what I’m willing to try:


1. Try doing cute borders on the date’s and the page itself. 

Like, I said, I totally suck with the artsy stuff. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like little doodles and pretty things! I want to attempt doing those cute flags or floral designs. I’ve been trying floral wreaths, and they’ve come out so disgusting, but hey- practice makes perfect!

2. Expense Tracker

This is something that I’ve done in a separate notebook since college, except for last quarter. And I went CRAZY with expenses last quarter. Which sucks. Which is a big no no. So now I need to do an expense tracker, and this time maybe if I do it in my journal I’ll look at it more.

In all honesty, that is all I’ve got folks. I’m sorry, but baby steps. I don’t know how much I can diverge from my usual format at the moment.

I’ve been watching some great channels on youtube that feature bullet journals, study tips, and really great stationary related things. If one of you manages to somehow view my history, an overwhelming amount of links are related to pens.

I’m very boring.

I didn’t go out and buy a hoard of stationary, but I did get a couple things during spring break.

Current Stationary Inventory:

1. Staples Duramark Permanent Marker

I didn’t buy these, I swiped these from my dad. They’re okay, but they bleed through like crazy. Not a huge fan of them, but hey, they’re black markers! I just wanted to be fancy like the study/bullet journaling folks.

2. Crayola Super Tips

I am slightly angry. Actually, I have more regret than anger. I had a huge crayola super tips set back in senior year of high school, and I thought they were meh. I didn’t care for markers because markers reminded me of elementary school and I was a high schooler damn it! So I managed to stow them away in the black hole that is our garage.

Now that they’re trending and useful, I have no idea where the hell I put my huge set. So I bought some 4$ ones from target. Which sucks because I had so many colors in my old pack. Plus, those were given to my mom rather than me having to shell out any dough.

So, I bought them, and they’re brand new! I really hope I actually use these instead of letting them rot away.

3. Permanent Glue Tape

I love how they add permanent onto the glue tape. “WE SWEAR THEY WILL HOLD FOREVER”, when it’s a cheap plastic dispenser with flimsy stickies that will probably let the paper fall  off if I blow on them.

The thing is, I love glue tape. Throw away your glue sticks, glue tape is the way to go. It’s less messy, plus its so fun to use! I hope this will last me a long time because I bought it from Daiso.

4. Cheap plain black pens

I love the plain bic pens I have. Of course, I would rather use fancy gel pens, but I already bought the crayola super tips so I need to save up for gel pens. (Oh dear god I need a damn job).  I feel like any pen will do with a journal honestly, hell use pencil if you have to.


So that’s where I’m at with my journal! I’m also building up my stationary because I want to be super organized with my school stuff now. I don’t want to be rifling through my backpack in a flurry trying to find my paper that’s due.

Plus, have you guys seen people with such pretty notes and stationary? Ugh, this is a terrible new obsession along with my makeup obsession.

I watch and watch youtube, and I have not funds to fund my obsessions! Oh, well, baby steps right?

Hope you guys enjoyed looking into the start of what I hope is a new type of organization in my life.

Here are some of the great people I was talking about! You should definitely check them out!

  1. Studywithinspo

He’s so great! I love his style, plus he has other great videos that give handwriting tips and study tips! Ugh, he’s one of my faves because I love his setup and style.

2. myriad inklings

I love her too! Such a cute style, plus her aesthetic is super cutesy but gentle.

3. studyign

This youtuber definitely has a very organized way of presenting the things that she uses, and it’s awesome! I watched her hauls which were informative (if I had the money to, I would definitely buy everything).

Other youtubers (there are just so many but here are a few I just stumbled upon):

  1. Jem: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4XOm0a1TymKZ7C-IbEEylg
  2. Zoe Kezia: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCftKH3FyEbNPhWuTR9YMosw
  3. amandarachlee: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk9aeo2A6a1fg3VeRueTn9w

(I love amandarachlee dearly, and she started bullet journaling! she’s definitely a mix of beauty/makeup/diy’s so not strictly bullet journaling. I loooove her channel though!)

Are any of you guys starting with bullet journaling at all? Or just love stationaries? Tell me about it below I’d love to hear what others are up to!

-Kae 🙂


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