First Time I Died my Hair! (and how I realized change really does come from within)

I have been dreaming about dying my hair and the wonderful outcome and consequences it would bring into my life. I would become more confident! It will lighten up my face! I’ll be glowing and smiley and so much better than my current self! People will stop me on the sidewalk and compliment my radiant glow! Or…not.

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Spring Quarter 2k17: Not the Start I Wanted, but the Start I Needed

During spring break, I fantasized about the extremely wonderful spring quarter that I was going to have. It would be sunny, warm, exciting! I would take fantastic notes, do well in my classes and meet so many new people and join so many clubs! Suffice to say, spring quarter started nowhere close to what I expected, but I’m not mad at that. (Okay maybe a little).

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