First Time I Died my Hair! (and how I realized change really does come from within)

I have been dreaming about dying my hair and the wonderful outcome and consequences it would bring into my life. I would become more confident! It will lighten up my face! I’ll be glowing and smiley and so much better than my current self! People will stop me on the sidewalk and compliment my radiant glow! Or…not.

Let me start by saying, I’ve been wanting to dye my hair for a really really long time. Since high school, so I would say around 4 years of waiting? It was something that I put off, not really commiting to the idea, just flirting with it and seeing if it would turn into something serious.

Nothing serious really came about it until one day I was just like “Just DO IT”, and bought one box of light brown hair dye praying it would cover all of my strands.

Yes guys, I died my dark brown (almost black) hair at home. Nope it did not come out majestic, but at least it didn’t turn out tragic.

I had a little bit of a courageous spark during spring break, and I was like “fuck it”, and after careful research, my friend (who helped) ended up basically shampooing my scalp with the dye which ended up making the top of my head incredibly INCREDIBLY patchy. (at least in my eyes because the dye was so subtle people barely notice that I died it).

By the way, the dye lifted my hair like one step. I don’t know if this is the right terminology, but I’m basically saying it was a very subtle change. It was definitely there, but it wasn’t “THERE!!”.

My self-conciousness spiked so high after seeing the patchy spots at the top of my scalp and how uneven it turned out. But after a few days I forgot I ever died my hair if I’m being completely honest. The dye wasn’t even noticeable when it was cloudy, and only really showed when I was out in bright sunlight.

Which meant no one really even noticed I died my hair.

And, honestly I didn’t really care.

SO, my point with this ridiculously boring and slightly discouraging post is:

Change really does come from within!!

Those days of imagining myself turning into a glowing goddess of confidence and bubbliness that suddenly turned into a fashion and makeup guru did not happen once I died my hair.

No, I just continued on being lazy with makeup and fashion and didn’t really attempt to do anything different.

Changing your outward appearance won’t make you different, unless you use that change to your advantage! If dying your hair gives you a spark of confidence, use that confidence and channel it into your goal.

And sometimes, changing your outward appearance won’t give you any confidence, or change of perspective/ attitude.

Which is a bummer. I didn’t realize that would be the case. If I had a more drastic outward change would it affect me more? Say going even lighter than the subtle brown I have now? I would think so.

I’m going on a tangent, but basically don’t go on assuming your life will change because you changed your appearance.

It’s really dependent on your attitude! If you’re willing to work on yourself in the inside, then hell yeah you can change!

This experiment was basically a reality check for me. I keep saying “OKay, once I buy new clothes and become an expert with makeup, my confidence will soar and I’ll be super cool and popular with people!”.

I know right, a very high school mentality. And this hair dying experiment, I don’t know if it got rid of that  mentality, but it was a slap in the face that said “HELL NO, that’s not how life works sweetie!”.

So my overall message:

While changing your appearance can be fun, it doesn’t mean it will change your whole personality or attitude. That shit comes from within. Cheesy? Yes. Do we need a reminder every once in a while? Hell yeah. Preferably with examples like these because it’s easy to gloss over when in a vague statement like “change comes from within”.

So if you don’t change after getting three new piercings, don’t be confused. Life’s a process.




One thought on “First Time I Died my Hair! (and how I realized change really does come from within)

  1. L.R.@TheRink says:

    Hey Kae!
    I had highlighted a few streaks of my hair with light brown (originally dark blonde but it faded with time) and dark red (it was never seen!). At first, nobody noticed the change! Only after around 8 months after this episode did my friends start noticing – that is when my hair grew longer… Well, whatever that was, it was certainly fun when I died my hair regardless of whether others noticed it or not! It is the experience that matters! Like you said, “Life’s a process.”



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