The Great Summer Debate: Should I Stay in my College Town or go Home for the Summer?

Summer is a sweet time where I can relax, mindlessly watch shows, and…feel guilty about time that I have wasted. Summer months always result in this inevitable daily guilt trip where I berate myself for doing absolutely nothing with my life and still┬árefuse to do anything afterwards. And while I am adamant on being productive and useful this summer, I have somehow managed to talk myself out staying in my college town. Oh boy.

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Mayday Mayday!! Please Remember your Blessings Today!

The month of May has been absolutely beautiful. Flowers are blooming-okay have already bloomed- and the sun has graced us with its presence. Guys, the year 2017 is almost halfway over. MAYDAY MAYDAY I’M NOT READY. But, before we panic about the time passing by so quickly, I think it’s important to pause, take a deep breath, and remember the good that’s happened so far.

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