The Great Summer Debate: Should I Stay in my College Town or go Home for the Summer?

Summer is a sweet time where I can relax, mindlessly watch shows, and…feel guilty about time that I have wasted. Summer months always result in this inevitable daily guilt trip where I berate myself for doing absolutely nothing with my life and still refuse to do anything afterwards. And while I am adamant on being productive and useful this summer, I have somehow managed to talk myself out staying in my college town. Oh boy.

So why am I debating on where to stay for the summer?

I have this wonderful image of me working three jobs, writing on my blog, and pursuing photography and vlogs while traveling cute little spots in California. That in my book is the perfect summer.

Instead, what has happened every summer since I hit the legal age of working (ahem, yes 16) is that I realized some of my friends have started getting part time jobs, or go out to have fun in the summer while I simmer in a stew of bitter regret and a hint of jealousy. My stew also includes some great t.v. shows and chips so I guess it’s not all bad.

Also some of my summers were spent in Philippines so that’s one excuse as to why I haven’t really gotten a summer job.

Notice the word excuse.

Okay okay, oh my god so many tangents, BUT as I was saying, I want to be hella productive this summer. So the great debate was finding the right location to reach maximum productivity while having fun.  I want to stay in my college town to be productive, but I decided on going home instead.

So um, why do I want to go home anyway? WELL:


Reasons Why I Want to Go HOME!!

  1. I love my family so much. I really do. So one of the main reason why I decided to go back home was because I  miss being with my family. This quarter has been the longest I’ve gone without going home and that’s insane. Summer’s are kind of a sacred time period where I devote that time to chill with my fam and catch up to see how they’re doing in life. Although they do drive me absolutely nuts at times.
  2. Also new developments in my summer living situation popped up. Mainly the fact that my housemates boyfriend will be staying over with her, and while I’m all about being a third wheel, I really can’t live with a couple for two months. They bicker like no tomorrow. And yes, it’s play bickering for some points, but my god I can’t take it at times.
  3. Uh…my college town is kind of boring. There’s nothing much to do up here besides “chill”. Fun things to do are always a drive out. And I have no car. So….summer would suck. PLUS it gets to the HIGH triple digits weather wise. No thank you. I’m kind of tired of this place just a little bit.

So…Why Would I Want to Stay in my College Town???

  1.  I can be totally alone without my parents bugging me. SO, in a nutshell: independence.  I can think about what I want to do with my life at 3am while eating nutella out of the jar. And no one will judge me for it.
  2. I can get jobs that aren’t fast food places at my college town. My internship was bribing me with minimum wage which I was almost willing to bite. I just want jobs that will go towards my major/interests other than just money. Which sucks because sometimes i just want money.
  3. FRIENDS!! Yes only a couple of my friends will be here but that’s way more than if I go home since I have successfully lost all my high school friends besides one person (mutual drifting not anything negative alright), and the other is always busy as hell. Ah, the thoughts of late night summer chilling with friends sounds like a dream.

So as you see, there are pro’s and cons.

And yes, the college life sounds fantastic, but the one of the factors that really helped me make my decision was: the weather.

Hell yeah, I let the weather decide. My college town gets to the high 120* F and I am NOT about that life. Hell no.

I was doing yoga in our park one day, and it was blazing hot at 10am in the morning. And I imagined myself taking the bus, walking around aimlessly in incredibly hot weather and I said “NOPE”, and lowkey decided to go home for the summer because of that yoga session.

Guys, it was so damn hot my friend threw up in the bushes while everyone was still doing yoga.

So yeah, go in the shade/ indoors if your body is telling you the temperature is TOO HOT. Don’t overheat friends.

So my ultimate decision is to stay for 2 weeks here after finals, just to wrap things up. I have jury duty here (good god I hope they don’t give me something that takes a long ass time), and I need to finish up my internship.

I want you all to know that it took a long month of debating, irritating the lady at my internship (because my schedule was changing for summer every 2 seconds), and continuous ranting to my friends.

A pro and con list usually just makes me more confused so I didn’t write one out, although I should’ve just done it to save myself from this type of debate.

Anyway, I hope you guys have had better ways of finding solutions to your own little debates/problems. Has anyone ever stayed in their college town for the summer? I hear it’s usually pretty chill but I just can’t seem to stay here.

Hope everything’s going great for the summer though! (I’m still stuck in the quarter system= finals are still 2 weeks away ugh).

-Kae 🙂





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