First Time: I Lived Alone in My Apartment & the Lessons I Learned with it!

Guys, I had the apartment all to myself for an entire week! Okay let’s be real like five days. (okay 4 days). This was the first time I’ve ever been alone, like alone alone.  The max I’ve ever been by myself in my apartment was a couple hours because my housemates never seemed to want to leave their rooms. So for the past year, being alone has always been a blessing. This time was different. I couldn’t even hear random chatter throughout the house or anything. It was kind of lonely, but also very liberating!


Since it was my first time living alone, I learned a handful of things. It was definitely a different experience, but it was a really good experience.

So before I find myself going on a tangent, here are the lessons I learned after living alone for a couple days:

1. It can be lonely at times, but thats okay!

I’m going to be completely honest, I didn’t think I would get lonely considering I would be alone for like 3 days. Plus I consider myself to be a fairly independent person that can find various things to do on my own.

So to my surprise, the loneliness hit the most the very first day. I would’ve thought I would experience loneliness as time went on.

I guess it was weird because I didnt have anyone physically around me, and I couldn’t just pop in and make a random comment about anything to anyone.

The  first day was definitely the worst it got (which wasn’t exactly terrible, but it wasn’t very pleasant). I attempted to make a short vlog, but my voice sounded so dead that I’m just going to keep that vlog for myself lol.

2. You can do random things and NO ONE can judge you.

I would have to admit,  by the second day I was alone it was absolutely fantastic. Once I got home from jury duty,  I stomped over to my room, changed my clothes,  and used the bathroom without having to close the door. Then I plopped myself on the couch complaining about the heat, and watched netflix. I yelled out unecessary comments, I cried, then laughed,  and I had a great time on that couch.

On the other days, I blasted my music loudly, played guitar in the living room while singing my lungs out, and attempted to clean and pack my stuff up for next week.

And I also got to talk to my mom on the phone on speaker without having to be all “hush hush” about it. I’m the type that hates having people possibly liaten in to my conversations on the phone.

Honestly, there was so much freedom to do whatever I wanted it was so relaxing. At the same time though, since no one else was there, I felt like responsibilities were thrown out the window. Had I been left alone for more than a week it could’ve been a tragedy in terms of the cleanliness of the place.

3. Since no one is around to judge you,  let’s just say if you’re a naturally messy person, you’ll become really messy really fast. 

I’m not exactly the cleanest person out there. My clothes can become a giant pile in the corner of the room, and I don’t really like washing dishes right away. So to be completely honest,  if no one is there to tell me to do something, or if no one is there to witness my messes,  eh… Theres a good chance I’ll leave everything unattended for as long as possible.

Now if you’re imagining the stereotypical college horror rokms that are sometimes depicted on telivision or movies,  then no my place was nothing like that. It just wasn’t as pristine as usual.

It only got as far as me using a bowl to drink water because I was lazy to wash my cups ok.

But yeah,  keep that in mind. If you’re going to live alone and you’re naturally messy: GOOD LUCK!!

4. I had slight paranoia but it was under control.

Since my mother is a veteran lifetime watcher and a documentary (preferably within the serial killer genre) , she has graciously passed down her knack for being paranoid about everything down to me! While my paranoia is diluted thanks to my youth and sheltered naitivity, it still likes to make it’s presence known.

And what a better time for paranoia to kick me in the face than when I’m all by myself?

I’m not gonna lie, the first night I was a little scared of living by myself. There was no one else in the entire apartment, and my overactive imagination was the only thing keeping me company.

I was afraid of both natural and supernatural things that could somehow find it’s way into my apartment, but luckily I shunned those thoughts away before it could fully manifest itself into my brain and make itself comfortable.

So yes, living alone might make you paranoid of robbers, or ghosts the first couple of days. Ultimately, I was so happy about being able to walk around without giving an f’s that it took over any fear I had.

I did make sure I locked the door at night at least three times though. You can never be too safe!

5. Uhhh…so yeah you’re probably gonna want to walk around naked. Not a big deal.  You know the whole “Oh my god yay I can walk around in my underwear since no one is home” stereotype? I thought it was totally stupid.

Then it just so happened that I found myself doing it one day.

It’s extremely liberating and amazing. I’m not even the type to sleep in the nude, but for some reason, I just well, walked around naked. For a couple minutes, I’m really just not the type to do that sort of thing.

It helped with the heat that’s for sure. I think I was more afraid of being used to walking around in my underwear then accidentally forgetting that’s not socially acceptable with other people in the apartment.

I know if I live alone in the future though, that’s probably going to be a weekend habit.


Overall though, living alone for a couple days was a really great experience. I don’t really know how I would genuinely feel if I were alone for more than a week, but those few days were like a small special paradise that I can keep close to my heart.

I definitely like living with other people, but there’s a sort of safe haven of being alone and being able to do whatever you please.

It’s not an easy thing to do if you’re dependent on the company of other people, but it’s definitely doable. I loved the freedom I experienced, but I would need to find ways to implement chores and responsibilities if I ever find myself with my own apartment. Ahh, but what a fun little weekend to look back on.


Have any of you experienced living alone? What was it like? Any fun stories? I would love to hear about any of your experiences!

-Kae 🙂


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