Summer 2k17: July Adventures!

Hi guys! I feel like summers moving along pretty smoothly! It’s been about a week into July and it’s already been a lot of fun! I’ll share my trip back home with you guys since we stopped by some interesting places.

The trip back home from my college was amazingly interesting.

My family stopped by San Francisco on our way back down home, and we visited the Golden Gate Bridge. Now we’ve been to the bridge like 800 times, but it was different because we went down to Fort Point and it was open! Last time we went it was closed and we weren’t able to see it.

sfIt was a place where they made weapons apparently, and it was supposed to protect the bay from submarines but it never saw battle (which is a good thing).

We also stopped along the beach for a little bit which was also interesting since we never really stop by the beach. I liked the cool graffiti walls.

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Then we hit the shops and shopped at the Gilroy outlets. It was very hot, and there were a ton of people because of 4th of July sales. Miraculously, I found absolutely nothing I wanted it. My brother on the other hand managed to buy an entire outfit including new shoes. No pics of frenzied shopping, but I do have pics of the garlic ice cream my family tried. Fun fact, Gilroy is the garlic capital.

Then my dad decided to randomly stop by a lake because it looked really pretty. Like yeah we have five hours till we get home but let’s stop by this lake because why not? I love my dad lol.

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I wish I knew what lake this is, but honestly we just randomly stopped by the side of the road.

July 4th was also a lot of fun! I watched the annual fourth of july parade in my town and my younger cousins were being obnoxious and yelling at the parade people to dab (which they hilariously complied).

And then I went swimming! I would share pics but those are just boring family photos. But yeah July has been a lot of fun!

The day after July 4th, I went thrift shopping. It was so painful, and long, and tedious, and I only got two shirts which was a purple longsleeve (I’m already preparing for the harsh winter up north), and a cute spaghetti strap shirt from forever 21. I need to buy pasties to wear summer clothes though since I don’t have any bralette’s or bandeus.

My cousin on the other hand got like 5 things. Ah, some people with thrifting talents. I don’t have the patience to go through thrift stores anymore. I get so lazy and frustrated that I crave a mall after thrift shopping.

But yeah! My first week of july has been great.

How has summer been for you guys so far? Anything exciting or any dream places you guys want to visit? I would love to know 🙂



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