July 2017: This Will Be the Month of Organization!

Okay guys, it’s been a while since I’ve done any monthly goals which is something I’ve been doing privately. I guess with the craziness of finals, I managed to slip up and forget about writing goals! They were super helpful during the start of 2017, and I think it’s time to start up again. It’s never too late to get something done for the year!

I’m just gonna get right into it and list off my goals/ to-do for this month by category!



Diet wise, I think I’ve done pretty well all year besides the end of June because of finals, the start of summer hangouts through eating, aaand once I got home my mom started full time and takeout has reigned supreme. Sooo, with that being said:

1.Eating Healthy

I want to get back to eating quinoa, no red meat, and a lot of fruits and veggies! My diet has been great this year, I’m not letting summer drown me in fried foods and ice cream again!


Image result for yoga

Such beautiful poses, but so much flexibility and strength involved. 

2. Exercise at least 30 MIN a DAY (please for the love of god just exercise). 

I…haven’t really moved. At all. Whoops. Okay. I go out to play basketball now with my brothers but that’s like a little chip in what someone my age should be doing.


It’s not even basketball, we just lazily shoot a volleyball into a net and pray for the best. I’ve been into yoga sort of, and I want to pick it back up again! Yoga is so much harder than I though honestly.

After my first yoga session on campus, I thought death was near. But I’m just going to find some really nice yoga videos on youtube and start off with those.

3. Water. WATER. WATER!!!

This was never really a problem for me. I love water, I can drink like 3-4 full contigo water bottles a day. Or more. But alas, I lost my water bottle on the last day of school, after my very last final.

Of course.

It’s like a yearly ritual to loose my water bottle.

Image result for contigo grey water bottle

I have gone through 3 of these the past two years. RIP good friend(s). 

And now I’ve been so damn dehydrated because the amount of water that water bottle could hold is like triple of a cups, and I just. I am mourning my loss, and I now I should buy another one, but its like 15-20$. I am very unemployed, and very guilt ridden with spending my parents money on th


ings other than survival equipment (a.k.a. groceries).


1. Look at your class schedule!

I honestly don’t really know what’s going on for next year. I chose a schedule amidst the mess that was the month of June, and it’s a good schedule, but…I need to look over it. i feel like I can take one more class, but I don’t want to push myself too much. But I also don’t want to NOT push myself if that makes sense. Although I’m doing side things plus starting physics, and I’m not a science person. I think if I work really hard I can be, but I have to put in A LOT of effort compared to others I guess.


I havent sorted out my financial aid stuff. I’ll just leave this here because I cringe every time I deal with FAFSA. Hate that crap, but I NEED that crap.

3. Misc. Opportunities

I feel like there are so many things I can get involved with on campus. So…I’ll keep my eye out. Whether they are clubs or other interest groups (I can never get involved with clubs idk why), but I feel like I can get more involved. Vague huh? Yeah it’s a vague goal that’s ongoing in my life.



1. Attempt ONE vlog. Just one. ONE. 

I’ve been going on and on and on about creating a vlog for youtube. Like not even a vlog channel, just one vlog. I’ve been wanting to do this since middle school probably, and now I’m in high school. My excuse has either been equipment, time, etc. etc. I’m just lazy. So I want to attempt one vlog. This month. I will link it here. I swear to god I will get this goal done. I WILL.

I think I’m more afraid of how crappy the camera work and content will be, but I can’t improve on something that doesn’t exist so…yeah I’ll try my best lol. I made one vlog last summer, but it wasn’t really the type of vlog I wanted to make. I almost forgot about that lol.

2. Write, Write, Write!

I realized it’s dumb to set a specific number of articles I should write per week, because there’s no way I can follow that if I genuinely have no content to put out. So I guess this goal is more like, IF YOU DO HAVE CONTENT, WRITE PLEASE. There are so many time dependent drafts that I passed and didn’t write (like me turning 19, my adventures during memorial day weekend etc etc. ).

So rather than stressing I should write three or four articles a week, my goal is to not skip out on my ideas. I’ll post all my ideas. Yup. Word vomit goal. Is this leaning towards quantity vs. quality? Hmn…maybe but I’m okay with that for now.



I love hip hop but I haven’t done it in a looong time. I’m not good, like I just took one a couple beginners classes, but I feel like it would be so much fun to learn youtube tutorials online!

I have all summer to become a dance master so why not?

So here’s a video I’m going to work on for the week and see if I can at least memorize some steps.


1. Apply to Jobs. 

Okay, my goal is not even to get a job, it’s to apply. It’s very late in the game, July 7th 2017 and go back to school September 20th, but maybe fast foods will accept me, or retail. I really don’t want to apply to fast foods but we’ll see. I just need to apply goddamnit. 3 jobs minimum. That’s it. lol. Then I will feel like I at least tried.

I applied to Yogurtland but no call back. Disappointed. Most likely my availability and I applied pretty late. Sigh, life is hard when you’re picky about jobs. (Yeah I have the privilege of being picky about jobs because my parents support me financially and I’m very grateful and lucky).


And so those are my goals for July! I think it’s better to have a list with specific goals in mind vs. vaguely complaining “damn I need to be healthy”, because I never get anywhere with statements like that. And so I hope I can achieve these goals! I’ll tell you guys how I do by the end of July 🙂

Do you guys have any goals for this month? I’d love to know so we can cheer each other on 🙂 







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