Makeup Madness: I Dipped My Foot into Eyeshadows & I am Scared but Excited

Hi guys!! It’s been exactly 7 months since my last makeup post (because not much has happened with my makeup life). I did buy a little more makeup from colourpop because their sales have been ridiculous the past couple of months. So after 7 months, how has my makeup journey progressed?

Makeup Confidence:

Okay, so I don’t really care about wearing makeup outside anymore when it comes to mascara, eyebrows, concealer, and lipstick. I put each thing on so lightly that it doesn’t even look like I have anything.

So I would say there’s been great progress with my confidence considering I don’t care about what others would say if I put lipstick on anymore. Compared to my last post, it seemed like I overanalyzed what people would think about me with lipstick on, vs. now where I just don’t what people think.

Time is truly a magical thing. It’s not that I wore makeup out a lot more, but when I did I would just get used to the feeling over time.

What I do need more confidence in wearing outside is eyeshadow. I love eyeshadow as well, I just need the confidence to wear it outside. I can’t tell you how many times I would just play around with it but never leave the house with any eyeshadow on.

So I guess the next step in my journey is to wear eyeshadow with confidence. I also bought a few shades from colourpop, all within the burnt orange and red shades.

So here is a summary of what’s been added to my makeup arsenal:

  • Colourpop
    • Super Shock Shadow in shade Bandit & Elixir
    • Pressed Powder Shadow in Criss Cross
    • Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park
    • Lippie Stix in Taurus
  • Daiso
    • Black Eyeliner
  • Target
    • beauty blender
  • Covergirl 
    • foundation

In Depth Thoughts:





Super Shock Shadow in Elixir and Bandit (both matte finish)

So I’ve never used super shock shadows before, but everyone always says they’re super pigmented and “creamy” (idk if that’s the right adjective). I got all my colourpop eyeshadows during they’re crazy 3 shadows for 10$ deal. I almost cried because I saved 10$ since it was also free shipping.

I haven’t really used any other eyeshadow besides elf, and well yeah compared to elf the pigment is pretty crazy. I do really soft taps of eyeshadow because I’m still super cautious and hesitant when it comes to eyeshadow, but a lot of pigment is still shown.


Overall, I like the super shock shadows. I got them in the matte finish, so they’re not as creamy as other shadows I would think. I know people say to use your fingers, but since I’m new to eyeshadows, it was hard trying to apply each shadow equally with my fingers. By equally I mean I have trouble making sure each eye has the same amount of pigment in the same areas. (ex. one eye seems to have a tad bit more pigment and one eye might be covered in a bit more eyeshadow than the other. oh well, practice right?)

Random side note, I really like the white packaging it comes in. Some people complain because it’s bulky, but I think it feels really sturdy and clean. The only problem is, since I use my fingers for my eyeshadow, when I close or touch the white packaging it gets dirty. Obviously it’s really easy to wipe off, but it gets kind of annoying having to wipe it all the time.

Also super side note, they eyeshadows are really small and cute. I thought they would be


Look how tiny and cute it is. Shade: Bandit.

bigger, like the size of the highlighters/blush (which I realize wouldn’t make sense since they’re eyeshadows).

I was so dumbfounded by the small size of the eyeshadows. Youtube videos make them look really large for some unexplainable reason.

Now onto the shades!


All the colourpop swatches on one pic because I’m lazy. First two are lip products, last three are eyeshadows. 

Elixir: This eyeshadow is a really nice orange/terracotta. It’s a beautiful color, and I really love it on my lids. At first I was scared it would be too orange, but it can be subtle. I’m guessing it depends on your skin tone, but since I have darker/medium skin it’s not too bold.  I feel like it’s a touch more orange on my skin than terracotta (just bc I imagine teracotta to have more brown). I’ve been craving an orange color on my eyes for years now, and I think this is a great shade. Honestly, I just put it all over my lids. People use it as a crease color, but I just slap that color all over, and put a nice gold shimmer shade in the middle and bam. Done.

Bandit: I chose Bandit because I needed a basic brown matte. I didn’t have one, the brown’s I did have came from my little sample lancome eyeshadow palette which has glitter chunks in it. To be completely honest, I haven’t really used Bandit enough to feel anything special towards it like I feel with elixir. It’s a good brown I guess, but it needs to be used more.

Pressed Powder Shadow in Criss Cross

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First of all, I really really like the formula of the pressed powder in the matte finish. It’s much easier to use a brush to pick off the pigment and it can be easily blended. Of course it’s very pigmented (but this might depend on the shade you choose). If I had to choose between the super shock shadow (mattes) and the pressed powder, I would probably choose the pressed powder.

I do have to use this pressed powder more to see if I really like it, but since it’s basically a red color it’s been tough trying to weave it into any makeup routine.

Criss Cross: This is described on the website as a brick red. Yes, it’s a true brick red. I think people were confused in the reviews because some people were expecting burgundy. I love it with my medium skin tone though. I try to mix it in with elixir, but I haven’t gone out with it because this shadow is PIGMENTED. Like crazy pigmented that my light hand needs to be even lighter.

Then again, this might be my personal opinion since I go for the extremely subtle look.

Side note: For some reason, when I apply makeup to myself or anyone else, I always end up with a look that seems like I have NO makeup. Which is really irritating considering I took like 30+ minutes to look like myself with moisturizer lol.

Overall, I really like colourpop eyeshadows. I wouldn’t buy them regularly considering how pricey they are if you think about it. Five dollars per eyeshadow, then you buy like 12 which is the ballpark figure for how many shadows are in a high end eyeshadow & thats already 60$.

Unless they’re on sale then yeah I would go for it again. There’s pros and cons to everything.

I like single shadows since you can customize which shades you want. Ahh see the options are endless.

Side note: I really want their new palette “Yes, Please!”. It has 12 shades for 16$. Not bad, not bad. I’ve heard the shadows themselves are smaller, but I’m okay with that since I don’t really go through eyeshadows like crazy.

Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park


Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park and Lippie Stix in Taurus

I can’t tell you how much I researched the perfect ultra satin lip shade for myself. I debated back and forth on Echo Park, Tansy, and Frick n Frack. The reason why I said no to Frick n Frack (a very well loved color) is that I felt like I had similar colors like it which is nude nuance/ touch of spice from my maybelline lipsticks.

Now it’s a little more obvious that Frick n Frack is a deeper shade of brown after swatching my cousins ultra satin lip.

Tansy I was ON THE EDGE. I really really wanted that shade, but I was also craving a softer pink for spring.

In the end, I went with this color which I do not like at all.


Here are the swatches again because scrolling up is hard. First two are the lippies.

Echo Park: This is a beautiful pink when swatched. It looks so off on my face. My tan skin battled with this color everytime it made a guest appearance on my lips. It refused to work the same way it would with online swatches of people with my similar skin tone. I really don’t like this shade, and I’ve tried mixing darker browns with it and other colors but I just can’t make it work.

I also don’t really enjoy the ultra satin formula. It almost feels little sandy if that makes sense. Don’t even get me started on the sandpaper formula that is ultra matte liquid lipsticks. NOPE. Feels like I ate chalk and there’s still residue on my lips with that lipstick.

Once again, it’s in the same shade range as “Barely There” lipstick from wet n wild. I need to stop buying these type of light peachy shades that just don’t work for my skin tone.

Taurus: I love this shade. I LOVE THIS SHADE. It’s a warm brown that has kind of a yellow undertone ish. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It goes with my tan skin beautifully. Very 90’s.

Image result for chola lips

*coughs* yup like this. 

I did learn the hard way that you need to reapply lippie stix often expecially if you eat.

There’s an unfortunate picture of me after eating pasta with a dreaded ring of lipstick still on my outer lips but there’s no lipstick in the middle. Hmn…

Honestly, I love lippie stix formulas so damn much. There was a moment where I was being all stuck up saying that the formula was just not long wearing, but as a broke college student that doesn’t even need long lasting lipstick (it’s not that troublesome to swipe more color), it’s fantastic.

I gave this shade to my mom though since she kept swiping it from me. No regrets, I might buy one more for me though.

Overall, really satisfied with Taurus, very dissapointed with my first ultra satin which was echo park. I might try other ultra satin lips, but I’m leaning towards sticking with lippie stix for now.

The others:


Black Eyeliner

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I realize I keep buying Daiso products for my eyebrows, but I don’t really know if it even lasts that long. So I bought this square shaped Daiso eyeliner in black for my eyebrows. My regular eyebrow pencil from Daiso ran out, and I wanted to try this convenient square shape so I bought eyeliner instead of eyebrow pencils.

To be completely honest the square shape doesn’t add much since I use it like a regular pencil and just use the tip anyway.

Overall, it gets the job done. Realized I should check if it lasts. Honestly, I’m at the stage where if it looks good initially, that’s all I need. Long lasting isn’t really high on my list since makeup is just for fun at the moment.


Up & Up Beauty Blender

I have the blue one. 

This beauty blender is okay, it gets the job done. I don’t really have any other beauty blenders to compare it to, so I thought it was pretty good. I would wet the beauty blender and not really see a difference, but I shrugged it off thinking that’s how beauty blenders should be.

After reading the reviews, this beauty blender is NOT well loved by target beauty shoppers. It has a 2/5 average.

Honestly the reviews go from 5 stars “fantastic blender!!” to 1 star “it’s as hard as a rock”.

I would take a pic of mine but its filled with gross foundation so please enjoy the stock pick I took off target’s page.


Ready, Set Gorgeous Foundation

CoverGirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Liquid Makeup Foundation, Classic Ivory, 1 fl oz

This foundation is really lightweight. I was amazed with how much it matched my skintone, but it made me break out a little. I feel that my skin just easily breaks out if I have anything besides moisturizer on it.

So no, I don’t really like this as a foundation, but I use it as a concealer. Since my concealer is way too light for me, this foundation is perfect as a concealer.

I have no idea if this is a no no in the makeup world, but I’ll see if anyone points out that my undereyes look weird first.


Overall, all the “extra” things I got are okay. They get the job done but they’re not the best quality.


Makeup Wishlist:

  • Face:
    • BB cream or cushion foundation
    • Bronzer! (my friend said bronzer is hard to shop for because if its not the right shade it can look like there’s dirt on your face and this is stopping me greatly lol)
  • Eyes:
    • New mascara (it’s just because I’ve had mine for a loong time. Please don’t judge lol)
    • Overall I’m pretty satisfied with my eye makeup. I don’t really have the desire to purchase anymore eyeshadow, and I think I’ve sworn off eyeliner. Eyeliner just looks really harsh on my eyes and wings don’t suit me.
  • Lips:
    • ORANGE LIPSTICK. I want orange lipstick so bad. Anyone know any good orange lipsticks that aren’t too harsh and have more of an orangey/red vibe?
    • Hot pink lipstick because why tf not. It seems to be very summery.


And while I would love to have a crap ton more, my thirst for makeup has been satiated after messing around with my eyeshadows. I’m a tad bit more interested in skincare at the moment.

So yup! That was incredibly wordy but I hope you enjoyed seeing me attempt to move along in this makeup journey! If you guys have recommendations or tips for me, I would love to hear them! 

-Kae 🙂






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