K-drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Half the Show was AMAZING but the Other Half Not So Much

Let me tell you right now before I get into any deep analysis of the plot and all the little itty bitty details. I LOVE the couple. I LOVE LOVE the main leads. I love them so damn much. My heart aches for their happiness and CUTENESS. I’ve never seen such a cuter couple (yeah weightlifting fairy was cute but I’m biased towards park boyoung). So without further ado, here are my thoughts on why half the drama was beautiful, and the other half…well you’ll see.

***this part has no spoilers later on there ARE spoilers***

I guess I should start off with the basic plot.


Tho show focuses on the incredibly adorable 20 something year old Do Bong Soon (Park Boyoug), a small woman with incredible superhuman strength. She lands a job as a video game CEO’s (Park Hyung Sik) body guard (to remain inconspicuous), and she tries her best to help him solve the mystery of who is threatening his company.

Meanwhile, a series of kidnappings are happening in Do Bong Soon’s neighborhood, and her friend Gook Du (Jisoo), who she has secretly loved since childhood, is a just policeman who does everything in his power to solve this violent crime.

While they do their best to deal with their own lives, the universe somehow manages to connect everyone together. Through the adorable friendships, heart melting and cheesy romance, along with the stab of a violent mystery thriller, this drama successfully pulls you in to find out what in the world will happen next!

Quick thoughts on the entire series itself:

I loved the romance part. I LOVED it so damn much. The fluff was so intense and beautiful I can’t contain my shipper heart that I keep looking out for news that the two actors are actually dating.

The thriller aspect was really entertaining. Although it was dark, I found it to peak my interest.

I did NOT like the side stories with a passion. I started off being able to tolerate them, but then it moved on to me completely skipping them and having NO PROBLEM whatsoever piecing the main plot together. It was useless and not interesting honestly.

Overall, I would still recommend this drama because the chemistry between the main leads is so ridiculously natural and beautiful, and the kidnapping story is interesting. I would also recommend everyone skips the gangster side plot because it was useless and a waste of time.


Deep Opinions of the Show:


The concept of Do Bong Soon having superhuman strength was different. I felt like her physical strength is a symbol of korean women starting to become stronger and more capable independent characters in entertainment, but also perhaps in real life. This symbolization is just more overt by using physical strength. The juxtaposition between her small and adorable frame yet monstrous strength led to some humorous scenes.

Her strength is a big part of the plot, but there are two main mysteries in the plot as well. The first has to do with her boss, the CEO of the gaming company, Ahn Min Hyuk. There is a mysterious person threatening his company, and he suspects it must be one of his brothers.

I’m going to be completely honest, I didn’t really care about who was threatening his company, because I knew it wouldn’t be a big deal. It turns out it was one his favorite brother, but since this is a lighter drama, I knew in the end everything would be fine. So my interest level in who is threatening him was low.

I still enjoyed this plot device though because he asks Bong Soon to help him find the culprit, and these scenes  were so cute since Bong Soon & Min Hyuk would work together to try and find the person responsible for the threats. Although at some parts, I did get mixed up with that problem, and the main problem: the kidnappings in the neighborhood.

The kidnapping plot was really interesting in my opinion. I wanted to know who the heck was doing the kidnappings and why. I feel like this was a really good plot to have, but they mixed this serious dark plot with slapstick humor which involves another plot with gangsters. I wish they just let the dark kidnapping plot and romance plot develop rather than adding a third dimension which I honestly strongly disliked: The gangster side plot.

Watching the first episode already made me cringe with the introduction of the gangsters. The noises were exaggerated, they had little animations such as a gangster face turning red with steam coming out of his ears, and it all seemed a little to “try-hard” to be funny.

It felt like a current disney channel show that tried to showcase humor by being really really obvious that this specific scene should be hilarious. Of course, some people really liked these scenes, and my friend found it hilarious. I just found them cringe-y. Although as the episodes went on, I found the main gangster following Bong Soon pretty funny, until it hit the scenes with the fake indian monk.

There’s a point where the gangster plot is overdone, unecessary, and just not funny. Unfortunately its HALF OF THE PLOT. So I skipped those scenes and I missed absolutely nothing in regards to the plot. That was the first time I’ve ever ever totally skipped scenes in a TV show and it felt liberating lol.

I really do wish they found a way to somehow ease out of the gangster scenes, because they were entertaining during the first half, but once the kidnapping plot and romance really started I felt like they were just distractions/fillers.

Also, during the last half they introduced the sassy coworker guy who is the doppleganger for one of the gangsters. I thought that character was also a little funny, but they could have used less of him as well since that part also felt like fillers. I think it was just too much having that one sassy leader/coworker guy (so sorry forgot his name?) AND the gangster scenes. I would have rather had the coworker guy as filler for humor than having both him and the gangster plot. Would have flowed so much better.


Ohhhh my god. The characters really made the show! I loved the characters so much! Well the main characters at least!

Do Bong Soon- Park Bo Young

I love, love, love Park Bo Young! I think she did a great job once again! She’s so so cute, and this part fit her really well (although I heard the scriptwriter did change the character to fit Bo Young more). I will have to say that while her acting her was great, it felt like she had more of a dynamic in Oh My Ghostess since she played two ridiculously different people. Overall though, she did a great job as Do Bong Soon, she was so sweet and her sass was hilarious.

Ahn Min Hyuk – Park Hyung Sik

This was my first time watching Hyung Sik, and I think I died? He was so ADORABLE and ENTHUSIASTIC! Him + Park Bo Young was like a cuteness overload. He fit the part of Ahn Min Hyuk so perfectly. He was so natural on screen when it came to being cutesy, jealous, or serious! It all seemed like he was really feeling those emotions. It was such a nice breath of fresh air, because I feel like a lot of korean dramas have a lot of really strong male leads that are on the cold side or at least more aloof and restrained when it came to expressing their feelings about their love for the main girl. BUT for Ahn Min Hyuks character, he was written in a way where he was always so excited and open about Bong Soon, and it was so beautiful to watch. Hyung Sik really delivered, and I think I was actually more excited about him than Bo Young in this drama.

Gook Du- Ji Soo

So remember the more cold/ restrained guy in Kdramas I was talking about? Yup thats Gook Du. He was so attractive, and you can tell he really liked Bong Soon, but his character was very career oriented, and really clueless about Bong Soon. He was very straight to the point, there are no sweet giggles or anything with Gook Du, he is what I would peg as the stereotypical masculine male in kdramas (although I feel like it’s been changing recently w/ dramas like weightlifting fairy where the guy is pretty open with his emotions as well). That doesn’t mean I didn’t like him as a character though! He was so so caring in his own way. I think Ji Soo did a great job with Gook Du’s character, because he showed how much being a police man really meant to Gook Du, as well as his realization that he really liked Bong Soon all this time.


This is a kdrama, so that means I was ALL OVER THAT ROMANCE. This was one of the best couples I’ve seen in a kdrama. I don’t really know if its because I can easily ship Park Bo Young with all her costars, because that seems to be a trend, but I found them so heartbreakingly adorable!

First of, Bo Young is already super cute, so of course Bong Soon is super super adorable and cute.

Second of all Ahn Min Hyuk is also SO CUTE, especially the way he seems to put Bong Soon on a healthy pedestal. He turns into legit mush and goo everytime he sees Bong Soon and it is one of the most hilarious and beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

I love their chemistry so so much. I think I’ve replayed all their cutesy scenes like 800 times before I could let this drama go. I also watched HELLA behind the scenes to see if theres even a possibility of them dating in real life, but it seems like they just practice bts which made me a little sad lol.

Yeah, if this drama seems dumb because of the gangster scenes, I would 100% encourage everyone to skip those darn scenes and watch for the development of the main leads because its adorable. So pure. So cuute!!



This drama is one of my favorites. I find myself gravitating toward cuter light dramas rather than heavy conflict filled dramas, and this drama really takes the cake. I would say I might be over-hyping it, because it does have A LOT of faults. People are pointing out plot holes about her strength (like how can she not control her strength when there are journals handed down from her ancestors??) which make me question some things, but if you take it more as a light drama that you wan to watch to alleviate stress, ahhhh its beautiful. The main reason why I like this drama is because of the romance + murder plot, but what sort of ruined it was the unnecessary gangster plot which was like half the drama. So while I fell in love with one half, the other half was painful to go through which resulted in me in skipping scenes.


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