Road Trip Plans: Seattle!

Hey guys! Here are the Seattle plans for my family’s summer road trip! I’m excited to share what I have planned after our visit to Portland! To be completely honest, I was more excited to visit Portland, but after googling some cool places in Seattle I think I’ll enjoy Seattle just as much because there’s much to do!

Unlike my last post on Portland, I’m just going to jump right into my plans! I’m planning on hitting all these places in this order just because it seems like the most convenient (driving wise).


1.Pike Place MarketImage result for pike place market

For those familiar with Seattle, this might be a no brainer. With every blog post and article talking about Seattle, this was always the number one spot or at least mentioned.

My brother is afraid it will be similar to one of our many visits to SF’s “Fisherman’s Wharf”.

I have no idea how large the market is, or what they sell, but I’m still really really excited to visit it! I’ve read that there are free samples of things too!

2. Gum Wall  

Image result for gum wall

Just like my weird infatuation with Voodoo Donuts in Portland, the Gum Wall has taken my heart. I don’t know why a wall of gum has my pulse racing rather than something like the Space Needle, but it does.

After some internet snooping, it turns out that they now clean the wall annually because of the damages the heavy amounts of gum cause to the wall. It’s gone 20 years without being cleaned, but they cleaned it in 2015.

A little sad since it would be cool to see over 20 years worth of gum in one place, but that’s not going to stop me from visiting the wall!

This place is right next to the Pikes Place Market so this won’t be something that’s out of the way.

3. Waterfront Park & Piers

Image result for waterfront park seattle

After browsing through the Pike’s Place Market, and being mildly disgusted by the gum wall, a good place to stop by would be the Waterfront park. It’s right next to the market, and it would be a great place to see all the water right next to Seattle!

I’m guessing this would be a quick stop, just taking in the views.

There are also Piers up north of Waterfront park, and if we’re really digging the views we can probably check out a pier or two!

4. Olympic Sculpture Park Image result for Olympic Sculpture Park

This seems like a really interesting park! I love looking at sculptures (I realized after being entranced with the different shapes I found outside of LACMA), and Olympic Sculpture Park is free! 

Not to mention it’s also right next to the water, so if we’re on a time crunch, we can just completely skip all the piers and waterfront and just go straight to this park! Two birds with one stone.

5. Space Needle & Seattle CenterImage result for space needle

There is an entire tourist square right next to Olympic Sculpture park. Literally a four minute drive away is the Space Needle!

With the mention of Seattle, all my younger brother can think of is the show iCarly, while my dad has dreamy eyes at the thought of the Space Needle.

It’s definitely a pricey entrance fee at 19$ per adult, and 13$ per child. I find that to be a little steep for our budget due to my “is it free?” requirement, and just because I’m taking in other fees into consideration. It would be equivalent to one night in a hotel, but as long as my fathers up to it, why not?

It’s a tourist “must-visit” according to so many reviews on google and yelp.

The Seattle Center is in the same general area as the Space Needle. I don’t really know what’s at the center, but I think there are art exhibits? It’s free is all I know, and it might be really fun to stop by since we would already visit the space needle!

I know that this general area also has cool sculptures outside!

Other Random Places:

  • Pioneer SquareImage result for pioneer square seattle
    • Pioneer Square is considered Seattle’s original according to the internet. This looks like such a great place to take photos! I’m so excited for Pioneer Square! I don’t know if we will have time, but I really just want to walk around and take everything in.
  • Gas Works Park (and Fremont Troll)Image result for gas works park
    • Another park?! Yeah it happens when you are on the “free” life. This one is a really cool park with remnants of an industrial plant in the park. My brother flies quadcopters so he’s thinking this would be a really cool place to fly his. No idea if it’s allowed since the rules on quads are changing, but I think it would be a nice place to relax after a long day of driving and going around.
    • Fremont troll. Image result for fremont troll
    • Ugly, scary, and you guessed it I’m intrigued once again. I don’t know what it is about humans and weird little places like this that we end up spending gas money to see.


I am so pumped for our road trip in a couple weeks! I’ve written everything down, and now the next step is looking for hotels and food places. I already have a couple in mind, but with my experience hotels/food are the variables that change the MOST in our trips.

By the end of the month, I’ll be sure to post what we really did, and how many places we’ve seen!

My family is also planning on visiting Portland, so if you haven’t read the first part of my Road Trip Plan, here it is!

Road Trip Plans: Portland!

If any of you have visited Seattle and have tips or recommendations on where to go, please share! 

-Kae 🙂


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