Fast Fashion: My Heart Says “NO” But My Wallet Cries “YES!!”

The concept of fast fashion is like that taboo little thing that you know you shouldn’t be involved with, but isn’t really a big deal if you are. It’s in the back of your mind at times, but the cute as hell top erases any doubts you’ve had about buying a 7$ shirt that people in Bangladesh have probably slaved over.

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First Time: I Lived Alone in My Apartment & the Lessons I Learned with it!

Guys, I had the apartment all to myself for an entire week! Okay let’s be real like five days. (okay 4 days). This was the first time I’ve ever been alone, like alone alone.  The max I’ve ever been by myself in my apartment was a couple hours because my housemates never seemed to want to leave their rooms. So for the past year, being alone has always been a blessing. This time was different. I couldn’t even hear random chatter throughout the house or anything. It was kind of lonely, but also very liberating!

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The Great Summer Debate: Should I Stay in my College Town or go Home for the Summer?

Summer is a sweet time where I can relax, mindlessly watch shows, and…feel guilty about time that I have wasted. Summer months always result in this inevitable daily guilt trip where I berate myself for doing absolutely nothing with my life and still refuse to do anything afterwards. And while I am adamant on being productive and useful this summer, I have somehow managed to talk myself out staying in my college town. Oh boy.

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