First Quarter of My 3rd Year: Woah 6 Weeks are Already Gone and I Feel Great!

This quarter felt like I was a hamster trying to run on a wheel while small obnoxious child threw rocks in my direction. Time is the wheel, and the rocks symbolize all the shit life hurled at me. Fortunately, as a young 19 year old roaming earth, I don’t have as much shit to deal with. Or well, serious shit. I have do-able shit. Anyway, this quarter sped by so damn fast, but thank god I’m still alive!!

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Confessions of a College Hoarder: Things I Brought to My Apartment Last Year that I’ll Ditch This Year

It’s an unavoidable fact. I’m a hoarder. Just as all hoarders, I find something incredibly significant with material objects that are incredibly useless. Well guess what? This hoarder just got bitch slapped by my new and improved (okay on the way to improved) self. And this new self is going to be a cold, hard, and determined woman who is ready to live in twice as less crap than she did in the past two years of her college life.

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Roadtrip Lessons: Sometimes Over-Planning is the Unexpected Buzzkill You Didn’t See Coming

My summer roadtrip to Portland and Seattle was supposed to be this magical and amazing adventure which would result in all sixty of my instagram followers to drool with envy. Unfortunately the only one drooling was me, after realizing in shock that my dedication to planning the perfect roadtrip resulted in strict expectations and a concrete set routine.

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August 2k17: Is it too late for Monthly Goals? Never.

With the amazing power blogging I managed to pull out of myself in the month of July, it left me feeling a little empty for August. And although it took exactly two weeks for me to feel like writing anything worthy to post on my blog, I decided a good wholesome monthly goals will put me right on track to spew out whatever nonsense I want to share with some of you guys.

Sure it’s already halfway through August, and no that doesn’t mean it’s too late for some goals. Never is guys.

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Blogs, Vlogs, & Instagram: To Be or Not to Be Anonymous, That is the Question

Okay I’ll admit, this really isn’t that big of a deal for several of you here on WordPress. As I scroll through my reader, I see countless blogs with profile pictures of your actual face, and even your (supposedly) real names.

The internet makes it so easy to broadcast yourself but I honestly feel safer knowing that I remain anonymous as I share my life with a few of you here. With that being said, there are still people like me who remain anonymous and rely on their blogs name rather than their own.

So how do people decide to be anonymous or not? Does being anonymous allow greater freedom with our writing, or does it hinder it?

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Road Trip Plans: Portland!

My family has taken a liking to “all american family road trips”, and I’ve planned every single one of the trips we’ve taken. From the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone, I’ve had my fair share of intense googling and hotel booking. This summer my parents want to go to Portland and Seattle, and I think it’ll be interesting to see how much of my plans actually go through! So here’s a peek at my itinerary I’ve built up for our Portland part of the trip! (Seattle will be a separate post!)

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My Younger Brother is a Better Role Model Than I Am and it Hurts Sometimes

I always knew there was a difference between me and one of my younger brothers since we were really young. I always got praises in school for getting really good grades, and by the time I hit middle school, my younger brother was earning the same praises so there was no surprise. But then the difference between us grew even greater once I started high school, and once I hit college, the difference was blindingly obvious.

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Wow, Humans Live on Earth for Like 2 Seconds but Manage to Worry About Everything

It’s always humbling and important to remember that in the grand scheme of things, that your stay on earth is incredibly temporary. So if you trip while grabbing your coffee at Starbucks, no one’s gonna care in 3 seconds!! And no, not in a pessimistic “my life means nothing” kind of way, but in a beautiful freeing “well if I make a mistake, in the grand scheme of things, it’s OKAY!”.

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K-drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Half the Show was AMAZING but the Other Half Not So Much

Let me tell you right now before I get into any deep analysis of the plot and all the little itty bitty details. I LOVE the couple. I LOVE LOVE the main leads. I love them so damn much. My heart aches for their happiness and CUTENESS. I’ve never seen such a cuter couple (yeah weightlifting fairy was cute but I’m biased towards park boyoung). So without further ado, here are my thoughts on why half the drama was beautiful, and the other half…well you’ll see.

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